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Ginger is a woman who made a big impact in her role at Pine Cove when she was here a few years ago. Now that she’s a blogger and speaker full time, I had to have her come guest post. You’ll enjoy. – Kevin

I‘ve been married for a little over 14 months now. It’s been an exciting journey and I’ve learned so much along the way. I could tell you all about my lessons on love as a daily choice, grace as a repeated action, emotions of daily living, the power of prayer, or the treasure of experiences over possessions.

But lately, I feel like God has been using my relationship with my husband to shed light on an area of weakness that I’ve never really noticed. Continue Reading…

Your inbox is not your to-do list

I asked Jesse Garner, my Executive Assistant, to guest blog a series on personal productivity. Part of the reason I hired him in this role is because he manages his time and productivity so well. He also loves to teach others what he’s learned. – Kevin

How familiar is this scenario? You come in to work after lunch one day and sit down to get started with some work. There are a couple things in your head you know you need to do, but hey, you’ve got all afternoon! So you click on your email inbox and start answering email.

Four hours later, it’s time to leave work, but you haven’t finished answering all your email and you can’t remember anything about what you were thinking about doing earlier. What did I need to do again? Wasn’t it important? Continue Reading…

Teenage Emotions and the Second Coming

This is a guest post from my friend Ben Burns. I was excited about asking him to write for me on the idea of being emotionally present with your kids – something we all struggle with as parents. – Kevin


I don’t know about you, but when my teenage daughter starts getting emotional, I start praying for the Second Coming.

One night she was very anxious about a test the next morning.  She is a straight A student and worries a lot about her grades.  She was making an A+ in this particular class and had been studying very regularly for the test.  However, she was in tears that she might fail the test, which in her mind is anything below an A.

Continue Reading…

The 4 Things Everyone Should Have in Their Productivity System

palm pilot
While I am on sabbatical I am having a number of friends guest post on my blog. This is Jesse Garner, my Executive Assistant. Part of the reason I hired him in this role is because he manages his time and productivity so well. He also loves to teach others what he’s learned. – Kevin

We’ve all been there – that sinking feeling when you realize that there was that really important thing that you needed to do and you completely forgot. That gross feeling when you realized that something didn’t make it on your calendar and you’re going to miss it. There’s got to be a better way, right? Continue Reading…

How Adoption Helps Me Understand Grace

bedtime (series 2)
This is a guest post from my friend Jamie Ivey. I met Jaime through her husband Aaron, a worship pastor at The Austin Stone church in Austin, TX. When I heard about her heart for adoption (and the way she lives it out) I had to have her write something for my blog. – Kevin

Sometimes I cannot even begin to understand why God continues to love me when I continue to disobey him and put things above him in my life. Time and time again he continues to reassure me that he is still my Father and will not leave me nor forsake me. When I question his love after all he has done for me, he doesn’t give up. He continues to love. He never tells me that I have hit my limit on freak out moments towards him. This concept of God’s never ending love has become even clearer to me in the past two years that our son, Amos, has been in our family. Continue Reading…