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What’s Next? Making A Decision When The Answer Is Unclear


Life is not full of easy-bake answers.  In fact, it seems like the answers to the most important questions are the most difficult to come by.  So what do you do while you wait?  The answer might be difficult to hear. Continue Reading…

Stepping Into The Unknown: Moving Forward To Follow God


Most boys are scared.  It must be something they are born with.  Some are afraid of the dark, afraid of the first day of school, afraid to fight, afraid to dance, afraid to ask a girl out, afraid to make a tough decision, or afraid to fail.  They end up spending a lot of energy “hiding,” hoping nobody will catch on.  Sadly for men, some things never change.

I must admit – I, too, am afraid of the dark. Continue Reading…

Creating A Plan For Raising Children: 12 Lessons To Teach Your Kids


I don’t know about you, but my wife and I end up teaching our kids at the most inopportune times.  We wait for the kids to fight to teach them about loving their siblings.  We wait for tears between them to teach them about selflessness.  There is a better way to do this, but it takes having a plan to make it happen. Continue Reading…

The Face of Fostering: Life Around The House


Have you considered being a foster parent?  I’ve heard many questions over this past year about what it’s like to be a foster family.  Words don’t do it justice, so I’m posting pictures every couple of weeks to help give it a “face.” Continue Reading…

How do you craft your leadership story?

Stan Ward is a good friend of mine and an excellent teacher on the topic of leadership. I thought you would enjoy a followup to his prior post on using story as a leader. -Kevin

In my previous post, I introduced readers to the concept of a leadership story. Today I’d like to share how to craft your own leadership story. While the following method is not the only way to craft a leadership story, it is certainly an effective way that is easy to learn. We’ll discuss three basic principles: purposeplot, and the principle of parsimony.

Continue Reading…

When You’re Done Learning, You’re Done


There is a movie quote that haunts me.  It comes to my mind every so often, even though I haven’t heard it quoted directly in years.  As I think about it, I am reminded how I want to live.

Remember the movie, Runaway Jury?  In it Gene Hackman is making a point about the lowly existence in which most people live.  He makes a simple comment where he says something about the fact that most people go home from work and “let cable TV pour over them.” Continue Reading…

5 Questions Every Leader Should Be Able To Answer


There are many good guys out there.  But being good can only bring you so far.  After that, precision is required.  It is the difference between being an amateur and a pro.  So what will bridge the divide?

Continue Reading…

Warning: When Your Heart Grows Cold, Your Mind Will Soon Follow


Over the past six weeks, I’ve had plenty of time to reflect. Being on a Sabbatical has allowed me not just time to be away from work, but to reflect on the condition of my heart. As I did, I was a little surprised by what I found.

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Why Do Leaders Fall?

Rick Reynolds has such an important ministry in an area that many don’t talk about – infidelity. Enjoy his guest post on his key topic in leadership. – Kevin

While speaking to a class of seminary students and their wives, I shared Dave Carder’s statistic that 40% of them would have an affair sometime during their ministerial career. One student raised his hand and said, “Surely with the quality of our training we’ll beat that statistic”. “You’re right”, I replied, “With that attitude you’ll probably be closer to 50 or 60%”. The class went silent. Continue Reading…

Obedience Eliminates Regret

little boy learning to ride bicycle
Ryan has an incredible story that he shares through his blog. I knew I had to have him guest post as soon as I started reading his stuff. Enjoy. – Kevin

My wife, Kendra: “I’d really like to talk about us adopting a child some day, or maybe being foster parents.”

Me: “I want my own kids, with my own blood, and my own athletic ability.”

Continue Reading…

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