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Friday Finds 10/21/2011


Every so often, I like to pass on some new things I have come across.  Here are my latest.  Enjoy. Continue Reading…

How To Read A Book In An Hour


Reading just about kills some people.  Obviously, I don’t mean a physical death.  What I mean is that it overwhelms them.  It isn’t the casual reader that feels this tension.  It is all of us that have an insatiable appetite to learn. Continue Reading…

How Do Leaders Read So Much?


Leaders read.  They don’t just read a little here or there, either.  People who want to lead others into a mission far greater than themselves realize their need to grow.  The problem is most people want to learn and grow, but they aren’t willing to do what it takes to get there.

In one of the last books I read  on President George W Bush, it made a point about how many books he read each year.  Apparently, in his last year in office, President Bush read somewhere around 100 books.  One of his senior advisors, Karl Rove, beat him that year, reading around 125. Continue Reading…

Why Men Are In Trouble


This is no exaggeration.  Men are a dying breed.  I’ve said it before on this blog, and I’ll say it again.  Men in America are in crisis.  I’ve worked with college students and young families for years.  I’ve walked many men through the question, “Are you a Godly man?”  Their answers are quite similar.  They don’t know. Continue Reading…

What Is Discipline, And Do You Have It?


I love being busy.  I mean, I don’t love it, but I sure act like I do.  I bet you do too.  We fill our days with frenetic activity, and over-commit our weeks in an effort to be productive – err – important.

We understand what it means to live beyond our means, in every sense of the word.  So often we end up in that place where we are just spent, but don’t know how to stop. Continue Reading…

How Do You Develop Future Leaders?


Today’s emphasis is leading, not following.  After all, it is much more “sexy” to discuss how to lead people better, as opposed to discussing how to become a better follower.  I don’t think they can be separated, though.  Becoming an better follower will only increase your effectiveness as a leader. Continue Reading…

Fostering: The Story Of Rescue

Screen shot 2011-09-22 at 9.42.39 PM

Iremember when we first got her.  She smelled like smoke.  She was tired, dirty, and maybe even in a somewhat altered state of mind because of her environment from which she came.  It was just after midnight, and our first foster daughter had arrived.

The issue I had with fostering for so long was the idea of letting our hearts bond with a little child, and then sending them on their way.  I was sure we’d be hurt in the process.  I could see my wife going into some kind of funk that would last for days.  Or worse yet, our kids would be damaged beyond repair.  That was a little over a year ago now. Continue Reading…

Trac Adkins And Rodney Atkins On Parenting

Screen shot 2011-09-21 at 5.41.02 PM

Sometimes we just need simple reminders behind the small things in parenting.  I saw this video by Trac Adkins last week, and knew I wanted to pass it on.

As well, it reminded me of a video I’ve been using for years in training our staff.  It is a similar type music video from Rodney Atkins.  Take a few minutes and enjoy them both.

You’ll be glad you did. Continue Reading…

Do You Know What Will Knock You Out?


Sometimes it’s what you least expect that will knock you out.  Just ask Victor Ortiz.  Recently, he fought Floyd Mayweather Jr in a much anticipated boxing title match.  Nobody would have ever guessed how it ended.

In the fourth round, after Victor Ortiz was reprimanded for purposefully head-butting Floyd Mayweather Jr, the fight ended in the most unusual ways.  Once the ref separated the fighters after the infraction, apparently Ortiz wasn’t quite ready yet, but Mayweather didn’t care.  He hit him with a 1-2 punch that put Ortiz on the ground. Continue Reading…

Friday Finds 9/16/2011


Another version of my Friday Finds shows a few good resources for you.  These books I listed are really good.  Leaders are learners.  So pick some of these up. Continue Reading…

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