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What Does It Look Like To Make Disciples?


Most followers of Jesus are fully aware that our call is to make disciples.  After all, this was Jesus’ final instruction he gave to his followers.  Although we know this, and agree this would be a good thing to do, most don’t do it.  I think the problem is that they don’t know how, or don’t feel qualified. Continue Reading…

Who Are You Trying To Become?


I am going to work with a legend.

Ok, maybe “legend” is a bit strong of a word.  In fact, if he were sitting here, he would throw down some sort of joke to lighten the weight of that compliment.  Regardless of what he says, God has used him to help people understand the grace of God and how it can be applied in the family. Continue Reading…

Raising Kids From Hard Places – How Do You Discipline Them?


There is a great deal of punitive practice within christian homes that bears the guise of the heart of God.

After spending some time with Dr. Karyn Purvis last week, this was what stuck out to me the most.  Maybe as I unpack what that means, it will hit you hard as well. Continue Reading…

Is Your Marriage Thriving? My Favorite Question That Reveals The Answer To This Question


There is something unique about doing pre-marital counseling with engaged couples.  As you talk with them they giggle, they blush, and they insist on holding hands throughout the entirety of the session.  Conflict is far from their minds.  Instead, they have visions of white picket fences, sunsets and cute puppies.  Then they get married. Continue Reading…

Man Is Like A Breath: Lessons From Two Women I Never Knew


Fifteen years ago I had one of the most surreal moments of my life.  It happened because a friend of mine had died of a brain aneurysm the week before.  We played basketball together on a Friday.  He was gone early the next week.  His name was Kevin. Continue Reading…

The Three Best Lessons Young People Have Taught Me About Faith


I remember my first board meeting.  Sitting around the table with 17 other Godly men and women was quite the intimidating experience.  I was 24.  When one of the most influential board members addressed me directly, I knew I was in for it. Continue Reading…

What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do


His comment about me was flattering.  Once he said it, I sat back and let my mind wander as to what it would be like if it were the case.  The problem was, it simply wasn’t true, and unfortunately I was going to have to tell him. Continue Reading…

Fostering: The Wild End To Our Foster Daughter’s Case


I’ve told people that fostering kids is like a very wild roller-coaster ride.  There are exciting highs that build anticipation, and then sudden drops that keep your stomach in your throat as you hang on for dear life for the upcoming turns in the track.  For our family, this past week confirmed that analogy. Continue Reading…

Decision Time: The Ruling On Our Foster Daughter


Yesterday I let everyone know in this post that our foster daughter’s case was coming to a very important crossroads.  If you didn’t get a chance to read it, you should.  It will make what I’m about to tell you all the more surprising. Continue Reading…

The Face of Fostering: It All Comes Down To This


This is the story of why people don’t foster.  It is a story of hurt, pain, trauma, rescue, love and restoration.  Yet in the midst of all of that, the future is unclear.  After almost a year with our little foster daughter, tomorrow a judge will decide the long-term direction of her life. Continue Reading…

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