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One Word: The Game Changer For The Tired, Weak, Or Burdened


Are you familiar with those moments when you get past the point of being overwhelmed?  It’s when you are beyond the place when your schedule is too full, or when the debt is too high, or when your job is too difficult, or when your heart is in too much pain.  Yeah, I was just there, and it wasn’t fun.  But it was good. Continue Reading…

Perspective: Lessons From A Standing Ovation

PC Way

We are all just a generation or two from being totally forgotten.  Think about it; can you name your great grandfather?  I can’t.  It is simply a matter of time before this world moves on without us. Continue Reading…

Can You Explain The Gospel?


Followers of Jesus consider the Gospel to be the foundation for their faith.  It marks a turning point in their life.  Each of them can think back to a time when the Gospel all of a sudden “made sense” and they made a decision to put their faith in Christ.  But if you ask many of those same Christ Followers what the Gospel is, you will get back a wide variety of answers. Continue Reading…

Staying On The Anvil When Everything In You Wants To Get Off


I hated the movie, The Pursuit of Happyness.  Absolutely hated it.  And from what I remember, I hated Tom Cruise’s old movie, Far and Away.  I also hated Max Lucado’s old book, On the Anvil.  It wasn’t that the actors weren’t good, or the storyline didn’t make sense.  It was because they were centered on the reality of struggle –  and I hate struggle. Continue Reading…

What’s Next? Making A Decision When The Answer Is Unclear


Life is not full of easy-bake answers.  In fact, it seems like the answers to the most important questions are the most difficult to come by.  So what do you do while you wait?  The answer might be difficult to hear. Continue Reading…

Stepping Into The Unknown: Moving Forward To Follow God


Most boys are scared.  It must be something they are born with.  Some are afraid of the dark, afraid of the first day of school, afraid to fight, afraid to dance, afraid to ask a girl out, afraid to make a tough decision, or afraid to fail.  They end up spending a lot of energy “hiding,” hoping nobody will catch on.  Sadly for men, some things never change.

I must admit – I, too, am afraid of the dark. Continue Reading…

Warning: When Your Heart Grows Cold, Your Mind Will Soon Follow


Over the past six weeks, I’ve had plenty of time to reflect. Being on a Sabbatical has allowed me not just time to be away from work, but to reflect on the condition of my heart. As I did, I was a little surprised by what I found.

Continue Reading…

Obedience Eliminates Regret

little boy learning to ride bicycle
Ryan has an incredible story that he shares through his blog. I knew I had to have him guest post as soon as I started reading his stuff. Enjoy. – Kevin

My wife, Kendra: “I’d really like to talk about us adopting a child some day, or maybe being foster parents.”

Me: “I want my own kids, with my own blood, and my own athletic ability.”

Continue Reading…

4 Areas Men Must Keep The Batteries Charged

young red-haired woman with her broken car as a metaphor for your marriage relationship
This is a guest post from my friend Brian Goins. He is a great speaker, author, and has lots of wisdom to share. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this guest post. – Kevin




A dead battery. Nothing can be more frustrating than jumping into your car five minutes late for work with your breakfast bar and hot java in hand, only to hear click, click, click. Then begins the ever-elusive search for a neighbor with jumper cables. Continue Reading…

Why leaders should tell stories

Stan Ward is one of the most engaging teachers on leadership I know. He’s engaging because he uses stories. I’m excited to have him guest post for you. – Kevin

Here’s a new leadership lesson from an old story. What can leaders learn from the story of David and Goliath? No, I’m not suggesting a “defeating the giants” pep talk. Instead, let’s consider how the 1 Samuel 17 illustrates a leadership tool as old as history, yet still relevant today – the leadership story. Continue Reading…

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