Friday Finds 9/16/2011


Another version of my Friday Finds shows a few good resources for you.  These books I listed are really good.  Leaders are learners.  So pick some of these up. Continue Reading…

Begin With The End In Mind


My son had a lizard.  Key word there – had.  It was a good-looking little Bearded Dragon.  He was only a few years old, and my kids didn’t get it until just about 6 months ago.  But to them, it was their friend.  And that little friend breathed his last breath two nights ago.  So long, “Spike.”

I went to check on my boys in the middle of the night and noticed that the little guy just died while eating some spinach.  I guess that’s the way you want to go if you are a Bearded Dragon…err, were a Bearded Dragon.  Immediately, though, I realized I would need to break the news to my boys.  They were sure to be crushed. Continue Reading…

“Macho, Macho Man” – What Is Biblical Masculinity?

Screen shot 2011-09-04 at 10.11.41 PM

Doug Wilson stated that “Males will necessarily be dominant in any given culture, and the only question before that culture concerns whether or not that dominance will be constructive or destructive.”  If this is true, then we had better have a firm grasp on what it means to be a man.  Ask the average man to define what he does for a living, it’s almost guaranteed that he can quickly give a clear description in one or two sentences.  But ask him to define masculinity for you, and you might experience silence, a puzzled look, or a string of shallow characteristics. Continue Reading…

Is Your Job Your Calling?


I didn’t realize that Labor Day is about celebrating the “economic and social contributions of workers”.  Well now that you know, celebrate that.  As well, I’d love to challenge you today to take the thoughts about your job a little deeper. Continue Reading…

Vacation Giveaway: Be A Camper, With Your Child


In our culture, boys are drifting.  They desperately want to become men, but they don’t know how.  Most would admit they’ve seen men in movies, but they can’t define exactly what they think men are, and what the path is to become one.

Young girls aren’t much different than young boys.  However, they are looking for security; for reassurance.  They need validation.  They want to know if they are pretty and if they are desirable.  Someone will eventually answer these questions for them.  Will it be you? Continue Reading…

Jesus, My Father, The FBI, and Mike


My dad was in the FBI for just shy of 30 years.  As a kid, I thought everyone’s dad took a gun off his belt and another off his ankle at the end of each work day.  Now I know that everyone didn’t have the chance to shoot an uzi with their dad at a gun range, or see him drive home in a telephone van as his temporary work vehicle.  For me, it was just part of growing up.

It wasn’t until my teenage years that I realized my dad’s job was different than most.  Yes, there were some good stories we talked about over dinner – like when my dad had to deal with a Cuban prison riot at a Federal prison, or when he listened for weeks on a phone tap of a known drug dealer in the area – but most days just looked routinely normal.  Although the memories I have of my childhood are different than other men’s, our needs were identical. Continue Reading…

Who Are Your Distant Mentors?


Leaders are learners.  Said differently, if you aren’t learning, you shouldn’t be leading.  To me, this is a core characteristic of someone in a leadership position.

When I think of learning, my mind jumps quickly to the picture of a classroom setting.  There is a teacher, a student, and a lesson.  This is the picture – we in the West – view as discipleship as well.  A mentor and mentee and an open Bible.  But when it comes to learning, there is much more to the story. Continue Reading…

Are You Following To Lead?


Leadership has become an idol for us.  Well, it has for me.  Over the years, I have found my focus shifting more and more to becoming a more effective leader.  Maybe yours has too.  For me, something needs to change. Continue Reading…

Manage Your Money. Let the Gov’t Teach You How

Coin Dropping Into Piggy Bank

Conflict over money is one of the top reasons for divorce.  I can understand why.  After all, we’ve all been watching a huge conflict unfold before us thanks to the United States government.

When Steph and I first got married, we both brought our ideas and philosophies under the same roof.  This ranged from when and who should empty the trash can, all the way to how much money we should save or spend.  As you can imagine, we realized quickly how different our ideas were on many different issues. Continue Reading…

Overcoming Rejection: What Good Can Come From It?


Let’s be honest; life isn’t fair.  We’ve all had those experiences of being rejected.  For some, it was simply boyfriends or girlfriends in years gone past.  But for others, the painful experiences cut much deeper.

When it comes to rejection, I’ve had my fair share.  If I counted how many girls in the past that have broken my heart, I’m sure I’d reach double digits.  Looking back, those memories are now “cute”.    There is one time that sticks out more than the others.
Continue Reading…

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