Who Are Your Distant Mentors?


Leaders are learners.  Said differently, if you aren’t learning, you shouldn’t be leading.  To me, this is a core characteristic of someone in a leadership position.

When I think of learning, my mind jumps quickly to the picture of a classroom setting.  There is a teacher, a student, and a lesson.  This is the picture – we in the West – view as discipleship as well.  A mentor and mentee and an open Bible.  But when it comes to learning, there is much more to the story. Continue Reading…

Are You Following To Lead?


Leadership has become an idol for us.  Well, it has for me.  Over the years, I have found my focus shifting more and more to becoming a more effective leader.  Maybe yours has too.  For me, something needs to change. Continue Reading…

Manage Your Money. Let the Gov’t Teach You How

Coin Dropping Into Piggy Bank

Conflict over money is one of the top reasons for divorce.  I can understand why.  After all, we’ve all been watching a huge conflict unfold before us thanks to the United States government.

When Steph and I first got married, we both brought our ideas and philosophies under the same roof.  This ranged from when and who should empty the trash can, all the way to how much money we should save or spend.  As you can imagine, we realized quickly how different our ideas were on many different issues. Continue Reading…

Time To Hit The Reset Button

reset button slider

It’s been right at a year now that I have been blogging.  My initial desire to blog came out of desire to provide an example for some to follow.  Over the year, that desire has grown into much more.

About two months ago, I read this post on blogging.  In it, the author suggested hitting the reset button on your blog at some point.  That article confirmed what I was already thinking.  It is time for a fresh start.
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Overcoming Rejection: What Good Can Come From It?


Let’s be honest; life isn’t fair.  We’ve all had those experiences of being rejected.  For some, it was simply boyfriends or girlfriends in years gone past.  But for others, the painful experiences cut much deeper.

When it comes to rejection, I’ve had my fair share.  If I counted how many girls in the past that have broken my heart, I’m sure I’d reach double digits.  Looking back, those memories are now “cute”.    There is one time that sticks out more than the others.
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Friday Finds 6/15/2011

feature friday finds

Here are a few things I think you might be interested to know about… Continue Reading…

Does God Want Your Money?

Screen shot 2011-07-13 at 11.18.53 AM

There aren’t many more awkward situations than when you invite a neighbor to church, and within 20 minutes of them being there, they get passed the “plate”.  You can try to downplay it all you want, but their perception is their reality; God is in it for the money.

Each week I stand in front of hundreds of people and ask them to donate money to a scholarship fund that helps kids go to camp.  For many, I can see the blank stares come over them.  ”Here we go again,” they might think.  Blah, blah blah.
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When Does A Boy Become A Man?

patrick - sweet, sweet child of mine

This is the million dollar question for our current generation of American boys.  They are wandering, looking for any possible way to get a firm answer so they can begin the next chapter of their lives.  Unfortunately, many of them will never get the answer they are looking for, so they spend the rest of their lives trying to prove it to themselves.
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The One Question That Helps You Understand Your Passion


Blogging has its benefits.  Over the last 12 months, and through the process of writing 60 or 70 posts for this site, I have finally been able to verbalize what I’m most passionate about.  You can too.  It starts by answering one simple question.

When I started this blog, there were certain themes running through my mind.  I knew that I wanted to write about following well, leading powerfully, loving your family, and living within your means.
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Give Your Kids A Vision Of Mission


Kids can smell hollow religiousity from a mile away.  I’m glad they can.  Such a shallow picture of relating to God is never what He had in mind.  They are aching for so much more.  You can show them what it looks like.

About a week ago, I sent out this tweet:
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