In our culture, boys are drifting.  They desperately want to become men, but they don’t know how.  Most would admit they’ve seen men in movies, but they can’t define exactly what they think men are, and what the path is to become one.

Young girls aren’t much different than young boys.  However, they are looking for security; for reassurance.  They need validation.  They want to know if they are pretty and if they are desirable.  Someone will eventually answer these questions for them.  Will it be you?

I want to help families connect with their kids, so I will occasionally give away things on this blog that I think can help.  It’s time to give something away, and I’m excited to tell you what it is.

Over the years, I’ve been a part of ministries for many different groups of people.  I’ve taught sessions at a conference for men, played games with junior high boys, and even helped women at a scrapbooking conference.  There is a type of conference, though, that has clearly become my favorite: Parent/Child conferences.

When we have a father/son conference for high school aged boys, I love watching the father and son marinate a steak together, and then cook it over an open fire.  Such a great, non-threatening, memorable experience.  As a parent, I’m always looking for those ways to connect with my sons.

At a father/daughter conference, what a great moment I get to witness when fathers dance with their daughters.  There aren’t many sweeter moments to see.

There are some parent child conferences coming up this fall at Pine Cove.  You can read about them here.  I’d love to see you with your kids at one of them.  So I am going to give away a spot for a parent to bring their child to one of these conferences.  Here’s how you can try to win it:

In order to enter into this random drawing, you need to:
1) Leave a comment below. Remember this is a random drawing, so the winner will not be picked based on the worst case scenarios.  If you have questions that I could address in future posts, that would be a good place to leave them.

2) Share this to Facebook. Click on the “Share” button to do this at the top or bottom of this post.  If you have a Twitter account you could do that instead.

3) Fill out this attached form.  It only asks for 4 or 5 key questions so we can get back to you in the event you win.

Please realize that by submitting your information, you agree to the following :

  1. Your child must never have attended a week of youth camp at Pine Cove to be eligible.
  2. If you win a weekend conference:
    • You may only redeem it during the fall of 2011 or spring of 2012.
    • This week will be awarded to the child that you have submitted below.  It is non-transferable.

I will keep this drawing open for the next 7 days.  Next Wednesday, September 7, my assistant will randomly pick one winner from all those who have entered.

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