There aren’t many more awkward situations than when you invite a neighbor to church, and within 20 minutes of them being there, they get passed the “plate”.  You can try to downplay it all you want, but their perception is their reality; God is in it for the money.

Each week I stand in front of hundreds of people and ask them to donate money to a scholarship fund that helps kids go to camp.  For many, I can see the blank stares come over them.  “Here we go again,” they might think.  Blah, blah blah.

So here’s the question: Does God want your money?

When I originally started this blog, I put the category, “Finances” at the top of the page.  Although I love helping people get out of debt, and helping them set priorities for where their money goes, I realized early on that I probably wouldn’t write much on the topic.

The topic of money doesn’t get talked about in church a lot either.  I can see why.  Each time a pastor brings it up, many might assume wrong motives.  Heck, there are quite a few ministry leaders that have shown their wrong motives by the amount of pressure they put on the congregants, in an effort to get them to give.

Check out this short, creative video put together by the Mariner Church in Irvine, CA.  I love message they are communicating through it.

(HT: Tony Morgan)

So to answer the question, “Does God want your money?”  The answer is no.

God wants our hearts.  Where we spend our money reveals where our true affections are.

I’d suggest we all take the advice this church is offering through this video:

1. Live more simply.

2. Get rid of your debt.

3. Increase in your generosity.

Why is it that we continue to think that by owning more things, we will be more happy?

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