Life is tiring.  Investing in people can be downright draining.  This fall I realized that for almost 20 years I have been investing in people in some form or fashion.  I’m excited to announce that it’s time to stop – to rest.

The Board of Directors at Pine Cove has graciously granted many of us in leadership the opportunity to get away for a month for the purpose of rest, reflection and refreshment.  I consider it a time to “lick my wounds.”

True to form, God saw it fit for me to come across this book a few months ago.  It helped me to recognize the value in disconnecting for a period of time.  As well, certain sections of this book have been invaluable in reminding me of the need for God’s continued work in my life as a leader.

For those of you that enjoy following this blog, I wanted to let you know beginning December 17, I will be totally unplugging from almost everything digital until January 30, 2012.  It is a period of 6 weeks.  No email. No blogging.  No Twitter.  No Facebook.  It will be a time of soul rest for me and my family.

If you follow me on Twitter, you will still see many books and resources that I like to point out to people.  I’ll be setting those on a scheduled release.  I have scheduled some Tweets to go out as well.

As I have written about before, rest is difficult for me.  In fact, one of the greatest lessons I learned while in Israel last year had to do with this.  In order for me to rest, I have to plan for it.

I’ve set four goals for my sabbatical:

1. Rest

2. Connection and deepened intimacy with Jesus.

3. Good, focused time with my family.

4. Further sharpening in my competencies. 

A young guy asked me the other day how I turn my mind off from all responsibilities when I am “off.”  “Easy,” I told him.  “You have to make a plan.”

Although the document I made to outline my plan is two pages, here are a few highlights from it:

  • I have asked a retired pastor friend of mine to be my spiritual mentor during my break.  He and I will talk weekly.  I’m sure he will help me unpack all that God teaches me during my time.
  • I plan to read the books, Mentoring Leaders, Leading From the Second Chair, and a good biography that I have yet to find.
  • I will be studying through the book of II Corinthians.
  • I’ll be journaling in a journal that I got just for this time.
  • I will be taking naps. (This is big for me.  I’m not a big “napper.”)
  • My family and I will go on a long trip somewhere. (Yes, this is Steph and I and 5 kids under the age of 6 going on a 15+ hour road trip.  Now this sounds like a good time!)
  • I will work through these tutorial videos on how to use “Logos,” a Bible study software.
  • Steph and I will be going on plenty of dates, including one good “Movie-Palooza,” where we go to 2 movies, back to back one afternoon.
Over the next 6 weeks, this blog will be far from quiet.  I have written some posts that will go out during my absence.  As well, I have asked about 10 friends of mine to put together a guest post for this blog.  I think they will be really good.  If you are interested in doing this in the future, check out my guidelines here.

I hope your holidays are a sweet time for you and your family.  I’ve sure planned for mine to be.  I look forward to “reconnecting” back with you at the end of January.  Until then…

Following to Lead,



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