It’s kind of obvious, isn’t it?  I mean, does it really need saying that foster kids need fathers?  The fact that these kids are in the foster system means that something is broken.  Unfortunately, most of us don’t care.

This past week I got into one of my fix-it rampages.  Steph and I got some frustrating news about one of our foster kids.  It put Steph in tears, and put me on my cell phone dialing the numbers of lawyers, CASA workers (Court Appointed Special Advocates), CPS staff and plenty of others.

As I began to work through potential solutions with the leader of CASA, she said something that stunned me.  I was asking her why our foster daughter hadn’t gotten a CASA volunteer assigned to her case yet.  The leader responded:

We have 70 cases in this city alone with no volunteers to take them.  Since each case could represent a few kids, there are well over 100 kids with no special advocates for them.”

When she said that, I responded with, “So I guess the Church isn’t doing its job, is it?”  Not knowing what I meant by the comment, she mildly agreed.

God calls His Church to take care of the poor, the widows, and the fatherless, among other things.  That is a call to His Church, meaning the entire body of believers that walks this earth.

Some people can foster or adopt.  Others can be CASA workers, who look out for those kids while they are in foster care.  Some can babysit for foster families occasionally.

What has He called you to, and how are you responding?

On behalf of my foster kids and plenty of others out there, please, let me give a brief commercial to the Godly men reading this post.  I address this to the men, as I’ve heard all too many stories of women wanting to foster, but their husbands just aren’t on board.

  • Men, you’d be amazed at how kids that have been beat down, discouraged and neglected respond to your smile.
  • Men, many of these kids are afraid to wrestle with you.  They don’t know that it can be a fun memory with their dads.  To them, it is a precursor to something much worse.
  • Men, your biological sons are watching you.  You are teaching them now how to respond to these little ones in the future.
  • Men, thank God that when you were lost, He came running to find you.  Be glad He did.  Now display your gratitude.
  • Men, these kids need to see Jesus, not just hear about him each year at Thanksgiving when they get a free turkey.
  • Men, adding another child to your family is an adjustment, but you get used to it quickly.
  • Men, even in the midst of their fear and anxiousness when they first get to your house, I’ve had foster kids try to sing with me the first night I put them to bed and sang over them.
  • Men, getting perfect attendance at church will never be fulfilling.
  • Men, when will you ever be ready?

Feel free to read some of my posts about how you can decide if you should foster, or if you could really say goodbye to a child, or simply how fostering has changed my family.

What else would anyone else add that isn’t in my list above?

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