Being a foster parent is no easy job.  On short notice, you’re asked whether or not you’ll receive a new child into your family.  You love that child for a period of time, and then you send them on their way.  Every so often, though, you are able to see the best case scenario unfold in front of you.  I just did.

Our Latest Story:

A little over six months ago we received our new little son, Malachi.  Only 2 days old when we got him, we were suddenly new parents again, going through all the joy and pain of having a newborn in the home.  We loved him, our kids loved him, and I’m pretty sure he loved us as well.

From the very beginning, we prayed about whether or not we should adopt him, if given the chance.  For whatever reason, we always sensed God’s direction with him was for us to be short-term parents.  So when our foster agency called us recently to ask if we would like to move forward with adoption, we had to admit we thought we were to only be interim parents for him – a place of rescue before delivering him into a new home.

I must admit, I wondered if we were being short-sighted.  Were we only willing to love to a certain point, but not when it really required a life-altering decision?  Why would we give him up if we had extra room in our home? Of course, the Rescuer was working long before we ever knew this boy, and would remind us of His love for all kids.

The Rest Of The Story:

On the EXACT same day we received him six months ago, a wife shared with her husband that she thought they should consider fostering-to-adopt.  After six months of jumping through all the necessary hoops, they were finally certified to be foster-to-adopt parents. One of the first children they were approached about only days after getting certified was Malachi.

This family happens to be friends of ours.  They love Christ.  Their desire is for their family to join God in His redemption story.  And so they did.

After a week of introductions, we finally delivered Malachi to his new home.

We gathered together – our family, their family, and our case worker – to pray God’s power over little Malachi (in the middle with the blue shirt).  Once we were done, we hugged and kissed him one last time, and then handed him to his new family.  They are looking to adopt him sometime in the near future, when given the opportunity.

I tell you all this to remind everyone that best case scenarios do happen in fostering.  We received him straight from the hospital because his family was in ruins.  We loved him, cared for him, nurtured him and then delivered him to a new loving family.

I’ve had plenty of people warn us about the horror stories in fostering.  Don’t get me wrong; there are plenty of horror stories out there. But these best case stories also happen.  I think it’s just as important to tell these stories so potential foster parents aren’t scared off before they start.

As for us, we are good.  We sure miss him, but trust that God’s love for him far exceeds ours.  We look forward to hearing the stories of how God uses little Malachi in the future.

Do you hear many of these stories when it comes to fostering?

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