Have you considered being a foster parent?  I’ve heard many questions over this past year about what it’s like to be a foster family.  Words don’t do it justice, so I’m posting pictures every couple of weeks to help give it a “face.”

Foster kids change the dynamic of your family, and the way your kids see the world.  Here are a few of our latest scenarios we caught on film.  Remember, we are not allowed to show the faces of foster children over the internet, so our pictures always guard their faces.

This might be my favorite picture I took a couple of weeks ago during one of our Advent family devotional times.  I happen to have the camera in my lap when I saw our foster daughter praying.

Bath time is crazy in our home.  Our daughter loves sharing the tub with her foster brother and sister.

Steph noticed our daughter just randomly hugging our foster daughter the other day.  A great moment of love between sisters.

For those of you that are looking to live out your faith through fostering, this post might help you answer the initial question about how to decide if you should foster.

Any questions?

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