Nobody should miss the grace of God. Not one person. Not even the kids in your city that seem to “fall through the cracks” at times. For this reason, I need your help.

As I’ve shared before on this blog, God began to do a new thing in me a few years ago as my wife and I began to foster kids. What started off as a willingness on our part to share has now become a deep desire to step in the gap for kids who need us most. Now that we have 3 biological children and 2 adopted children, my family is now a small picture of the Kingdom of God in its various colors.

I now lead a ministry aimed at serving the kids in our community. Black kids, white kids, hispanic kids, asian kids, rich kids, poor kids… All of them. But our goal isn’t just that they have a safe place to go after school or during the summer. It isn’t that they get a snack or help with their homework. Our goal is that their hearts are transformed by Jesus.

My wife and I came to the realization we couldn’t simply keep adopting all the kids in our community who were in desperate need of godly people showing them the love of Christ. But I could step into a role that would give me the opportunity to help connect the Church to the community. And that is what we did.

But we can’t do it alone…

We just announced last week that we’ll be doing 10 weeks of summer camp this summer at the main campus of the Boys & Girls Clubs of East Texas. Summer is a critical season for many children since this is where they really fall behind in school. Because of this we decided to do a summer camp that would have a strong educational component, and be staffed with godly people who are eager to show and share the love of Christ with these kids.

Now for the past 15 years I’ve helped provide leadership for a ministry that was interviewing 3,000 college students each year to work at their summer camps. We had the vast majority of those staff hired by January 1 to work the following summer. That said, to be announcing in late March/early April that we will be doing summer camp is a challenge, to say the least.

So the bottom line is: I need great and godly college students to work this summer and some to come on part-time staff with me this next fall. We just started interviewing people last week. We expect to do so for the next few weeks until we find just the right people to work this summer.

Do you know a college student who is still unsure of what they’ll be doing this summer? If so, please share this post with them. Or, just have them email me so I can get them more information.

Talk about generous…

There are many college students out there racking up student loans or struggling to pay their own college as they go. At the same time, some men and women in our community desperately wanted to connect young, godly college students with these kids in our community that need us most. So what did they do? They set up college scholarships for people to go to UT Tyler or TJC for FREE while working at the Boys & Girls Clubs of East Texas. How great is that!

God is raising up people to bless these kids this summer. I’ve already had college students email me from numerous colleges and states – even as far away as London – interested in being with them this summer. If you know someone that you think would be a great addition to our team, please let them know.

Thanks for your help in getting the word out. I look forward to watching God work through them this summer in the lives of these little ones…

Any questions?

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