It seems that almost every leader has their list of what they think are the important – or essential – qualities of an effective leader.  I guess I’m no different.  But this list doesn’t come from me.

This weekend I was reading an article by Robert Clinton entitled, “Boundary Processing.”  In it, he mentioned these 7 qualities of effective leaders.  Here is his list:

  1. Effective leaders maintain a learning posture throughout life. 
  2. Effective leaders value spiritual authority as a primary power base. 
  3. Effective leaders recognize leadership selection and development as a priority function.
  4. Effective leaders who are productive over a lifetime have a dynamic ministry philosophy.  
  5. Effective leaders evince a growing awareness of their sense of destiny. 
  6. Effective leaders increasingly perceive present ministry in terms of a lifetime perspective. 
  7. Effective leaders perceive relational empowerment as important in their own and their followers lives. 
Any thoughts?  Is there a quality that you think should be on this list?


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