If you want to maintain and protect, you ought to become a police officer.  But if you are a ministry leader, your job is to lead and influence people.  For that reason, it’s time you embrace social media.

This past week, three different people commented on my use of social media:

  • Our lead media director at Pine Cove said something “clicked” in me about 8 nine months ago when it came to social media.  He asked what it was.
  • A ministry leader called me to ask about my use of social media.
  • My pastor referred to me as a “social media guru.”

Anyone who knows me can verify that “guru” doesn’t really accurately describe anything about me.  However, I realized a while back that if I wanted to continue to be effective as a leader, I needed to learn more about these platforms.  Here is what I’ve realized:

1. Christians love to say no. We’ve snubbed our noses to rock n roll, the TV, radio and many other things.  The same holds true for social media.  It’s time we all realize that social media is merely a platform.  How we use it is what really matters.  We can use it for the Glory of God, or for the glory of ourselves.

2. This is about leading and communicating well. I agree with this post.  In fact, I wish I would have written it.  If you want to have the greatest impact using the gifts you have, then social media provides great tools to further your influence.  However, this requires learning and adapting.

3. Being disconnected is being out of touch. If you don’t begin to develop an online presence, you will quickly become out of touch with the many people you are attempting to lead.   For those of you who continue to make snide comments about Twitter, Facebook or being online in general, you need to know your jokes are only highlighting the fact you are committed to the past.

4. Change how you use your time. I get it.  You don’t feel like you have time to engage people through social media.  You do, but it will require change.  I assume you spend time much differently today than you did ten years ago.  Well it’s time to adjust again.

5. Millenial leadership is now. As this post accurately states, millenials are highly relational and want engagement.  They are not interested in propping up an institution, but in propelling organizations as a vehicle for a cause.  Their leadership is not on hold, waiting for the day when it is needed.  It is here and now, and communicating through social media is what they know.

6. Even the Pope recognizes its value. That’s right.  In an address this past May, Pope Benedict speaks on pastoral ministry in a digital world.  I love a line in the speech: ” [ministry leaders] are called to respond pastorally by putting the media ever more effectively at the service of the Word.”  Well said.

Social media works for me.  I want to harness it’s power to help communicate the gospel being lived out daily.  I’d encourage you to consider how it can work for you.

Make sense?  Agree or disagree?

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