On Monday we celebrated Martin Luther King Day. I came across a blog post I wrote a few years ago, and I was convicted again by Dr. King’s words in his Letter from Birmingham Jail.

“Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will. Lukewarm acceptance is much more bewildering than outright rejection.”

Whether you are black or white, if you are a follower of Christ, I hope you take some time to reflect on the words of Dr. King and pray about how you can do something in your own neighborhood.

Here’s a few articles that I’ve found interesting lately. I call them my Friday Finds. Enjoy.

1. Everyone Wins When a Leader Gets Better

via BCW Institue 

“The breakthrough came when we stopped seeing HR as some kind of add-on committee and instead started embracing HR as a needed, strategic investment that’s helping us advance our vision and increase our ministry impact.”

2. 3 Areas in Which Parents Must Persevere

via Scott Slayton

“The hardest aspect of parenting is often not our lack of understanding, but our failure to persevere. As parents, what we need the most is go continue doing the little things every single day.”

 3. How Black and White Christians Do Discipleship Differently

via Christianity Today

As most of you know, I lead an intentionally multi-ethnic ministry called The Mentoring Alliance. This article gave me some good insight and I find it very helpful as I seek to understand the differences between our staff people. What do you think?

“Black believers are more likely to position their growth in Christ in the context of community and fellowship, while white Christians take a more individualized approach, according to a study released this week from Barna Research.”

 4. Racial Reconciliation, the Gospel, and the Church

via 9marks.org

“Gospel-grounded racial reconciliation begins with what Christ accomplished at the cross. He united one-time enemies to God and therefore to one another. He made the two one. Racial reconciliation begins, in other words, with the “indicative” of who we are in Christ. And then racial reconciliation shows itself in our love for the “other.” It flows from the Spirit-empowered obedience and demonstration of who we are in Christ. To define racial reconciliation as simply diversity, or to think that our churches are racially reconciled simply because they might be diverse, is misleading.”

5. Why Smart Phones Are Driving Everyone Insane

via Huffington Post

After watching Simon Sinek’s video on Millennials in the Workplace a few weeks ago, I decided to try something new with my staff. We now leave all electronics, including phones and computers, in our offices during our weekly staff chapel and meeting. We haven’t done it for long, but I have enjoyed seeing how much more engaged our staff was with one another, instead of staring down at their phones. This article proves my point even more…

What are your thoughts?

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