Colds, pneumonia and sinus infections wreaked havoc on our home last weekend. My family spent most of the weekend inside drinking hot tea and loading up on vitamin C, and of course, catching up on all the great articles hitting the internet.

Here’s a few articles that I found interesting. I call them my Friday Finds. Enjoy.

1. How to Create Organizational Vitality and Be a Place Where People Love Coming to Work

via Leadership Freak

People struggle and sink when environments feel like death.”

Do you work for a vibrant organization? If so, what qualities do they possess?

2. The problem isn’t Trump; it’s us: Column

via USA Today

“We the People” seem to have forgotten how to treat one another like, well, people. Hostility and meanness seem to be the order of the day, and I find myself wondering, when did America’s citizens become one of America’s enemies? Our political discourse has become so corrosive, so divisive that its primary casualty has been common decency and respect.”

 3. 10 Qualities of the Leaders I Want on My Team

via Scott Cochrane

We all value the results oriented, go-getters on our team, but lately I’ve greatly appreciated many of the things that Scott Cochrane lists as “less celebrated qualities.”

 4. How to Give Millennials the Employee Development They Want

via Entrepreneur 

“Your employees want to feel respected and trusted. Demonstrate both by giving them the freedom to manage the details of their own schedules. If or when they drop the ball, offer constructive feedback right away as a lesson learned. Then, guide them as they find solutions that will expand their potential along with your company’s capacity.”

5. 6 Ways to Make a Seemingly Meaningless Job Become Meaningful

via Art Rainer

If you work in a mundane job, what have you tried to shift your focus and make work more meaningful?

“Ultimately, we are working for Christ. Every day you show up to the office, your work is for Him. And, yes, God can be glorified even in a mundane job.”

6. 5 Reasons Someone Will Leave Your Organization

via Selma Wilson

“Ask for their help and start putting into place today consistent actions to make your employees glad they are a part of your team. If not, don’t be surprised when your best team members resign because they are looking for another job.”

7. The Power and Phobia of Public Speaking in Ministry

via Eric Geiger

Many in ministry leadership, even those who communicate regularly, get nervous communicating to a group of people. I still get nervous every single time. I can get easily distracted while speaking, and at times those distractions can become stressful. It often takes me a few moments of speaking before the butterflies in my stomach calm. In those moments, it is helpful to remind myself that the power is in the message, not in the messenger. Charles Spurgeon is known as the prince of preachers, and he stated, “The power that is in the gospel does not lie in the eloquence of the preacher; otherwise men would be converters of souls.”

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