It’s January and the skies are gray and the temperatures are cold. However, January brings a season for fresh starts and new beginnings. I wrote this blog post a few years ago, and it still rings true today.

My family just got back from our annual vacation where we do some small town skiing. My daughter and I freezing together on the chair lift:


Here’s a few articles that I’ve found interesting lately. I call them my Friday Finds. Enjoy

1. Do More Than Admit Your Sin

via J.A. Medders

When it comes to our sins, renouncing, repudiating, spurning, casting off, disowning, rejecting, shunning, and the like are what we must do. Mercy awaits us. Compassion from God is available to those who admit and abandon their sins. God’s power is available for both. Do both today.”

2. 5 Insights on Generation Z, Garnered this Year

via Growing Leaders

If you have children that were born after 2001, this is an interesting article to read about Generation Z. Have you found these insights to be true for your kids?

 3. Are You a Good Boss? [Flowchart]

via HubSpot

I thought this flow chart was eye-opening, helpful and convicting. Any boss has asked themselves this question at some point in their career. Check out the infographic included in this post to see how you’d score.

 4. Nine Christians in the Trump Cabinet?

via HeadHeartHand

“Who would have thought that Donald Trump might be the answer to that prayer? No, not that he is a Christian — there are no signs of that, sadly. But he certainly seems poised to appoint a number of them to his first cabinet and other White House positions — Senate confirmation permitting.”

 5. Your Job ≠ Your Calling – Jossy Chacko

via Follow the GLS

“I don’t believe God is the slightest bit interested in your job title. But He is very interested in your calling.

And I believe He is looking for leaders who combine focus with flexibility. “Submit your plans to the Lord.” (Prov 16:3) presumes planning and focus. “Your will be done.” (Mt 6:10) requires flexibility and an open mind for what He wants to do in and through us.”

 6. Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace

via Simon Sinek

If you are a Millennial, work with Millennials, or ever interact with Millennials (so that’s everyone), take 15 minutes and watch this video. I am going to make a few changes in our office based on the last 4 minutes of the conversation.

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