Here are the latest I’ve read over the past couple of weeks that I thought were worth passing on. I call it “Friday Finds”. Enjoy.

1. Read George W. Bush’s speech at the African American Museum, 13 years after signing the bill to build it

via Washington Post

“Our country is better and more vibrant because of their contributions and the contributions of millions of African Americans. No telling of American history is neither complete nor accurate without acknowledging them.”

2. Decision Making & “I Have a Peace About It”

via The Cripplegate

“In his goodness, God has outfitted humanity with his word with the result that we have everything needed for life and godliness. In loving sovereignty, there is no life situation in which God has failed to sufficiently supply what we need from Scripture. The Christian life is one lived in faith; trusting in God’s opinions and desires over my own. Though this will often mean an internal battle, as we surrender to Scripture, we can be assured that we are in God’s blessed will.”

3. Five Benefits of Regular Family Worship

via The Spurgeon Center

“Application of biblical teaching is more readily made when the Bible itself is frequently read together. Questions about spiritual matters don’t seem out of place when spiritual truth is regularly discussed in a family.”

4. God Would Never Ask Me to Sacrifice my Kids…Right?

via Amy Medina

“…I worship the same God who has asked exactly that of the North Korean Christians. I stand under the same sky, breathe the same air, and have the same kind of soul as they do.   Who am I to think that he wouldn’t ask the same of me?  

In America right now, the sentiment seems to be exactly the opposite.  We sacrifice for our kids, but we wouldn’t think of sacrificing them.  We start college accounts when they are babies.  We go to every soccer game; we work two jobs to send them to private school; our lives revolve around their extracurricular activities.  I get this.  I feel this, even from here.  I want the best for my kids too.

But what if our kids’ activities become so important that we have no time for ministry?”  

5. They Unchurched the Church

via The Gospel Coalition

“We do indeed long to see the churches full of people but not without the pulpits full of Christ. My friend’s experience is a sobering reminder of this truth: An aweful church preaches Christ, and an awful church does not. Even an unchurched guy can see this.”

6. Jesus Forever

via Austin Stone Worship

This is great kids worship music! Thanks, Austin Stone. We will be using these songs at our summer camp, Rose City Summer Camps, this summer.

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