It’s been a wild week around this country, to say the least. In the midst of all the craziness of presidential elections, my wife and I were able to celebrate yet another great year of marriage – thirteen in all. Here’s my latest list of articles that I found interesting – what I like to call Friday Finds….



1. Trump Victory, And Where Evangelicals Go From Here

via The Gospel Coalition

“Wherever evangelicals go from here, these are my hopes for evangelical voters now: We will pray for godly wisdom for the new president. We will seek unity in our churches more fervently than electoral success. Finally, no matter how happy any of us might be about the Republicans’ triumph, we will never expect politicians to accomplish the work of the Kingdom for us.”

2. The 3 Components of Job Satisfaction

via Michael Hyatt

This is a great, thought-provoking article from Michael Hyatt. Do you experience fulfillment in your work? If not, why? Hyatt breaks down job satisfaction into 3 parts: Passion, Proficiency, and Profitability. I loved this graph that he uses to illustrate his point:


3. 5 Lessons Learned from the World’s Greatest Uber Driver

via Entreprenuer

In Chicago a few weekends ago I had about 5 different Uber drivers. As this article describes, one of my drivers was off the chain.

“There was one line out of all the lines that Vincent said that stuck with me. It was this: ‘Business is all about you helping me so that the company helps me, and in return, I help both of you.’ It’s one continuous cycle that works like a successful marriage when you understand it at its core.”

4. Sermon prep for the non-vocational preacher

via Blogging Theologically

I, too am a non-vocational preacher. Whenever I prepare to speak at churches on Sunday mornings, I feel like I fumble through my sermon prep. This article had a few good pointers.

5. Strategic Planning is Dead. Here Are Two New Ways To Face The Future. 

via Forbes

“The smartest leaders I’ve seen have quit creating plans that are longer than 3 to 6 months. Instead, they’ve put their energy into building a great team and a sustainable culture. When the focus is on team, rather than a plan, it becomes much easier to adapt at a moment’s notice to the ever-shifting technology landscape. Finding people who are creative and capable in multiple roles and capacities means you don’t have to stress over the structure of your business. By hiring for culture and capability, you free yourself up to change the structure of your company as things continue to change. The structure of your company can always be whatever is most effective for the current market. Agile people make up a capable company.”

6. John Newton’s Christ-Centered Approach to the Old Testament

via HeadHeartHand

Do you approach God’s Word thinking that the Old Testament is not as useful now that there is a New Testament? Great points here about the value of the Old as well.

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