It has been a busy time around our house. Steph and I are traveling to Austin this weekend, I am preaching at Grace Covenant Church on Sunday morning. I am preaching from 2 Corinthians 5:17-21, I always love getting the chance to speak to church congregations about the ministry of reconciliation. Here are a few articles that I found interesting. I call them my Friday Finds. Enjoy.

1. Build Your Legacy…Today

via Follow the GLS

“This day … not tomorrow, or next week, or next month. Today is His gift to us. My prayers and my efforts are directed toward stewarding it well. This is the only plan I have for ensuring my legacy.”

2. The Most Common Mistakes Parents Make

via Growing Leaders

“To me, successful parenting is leading and developing your child so that they can function as well-adjusted adults and reach their potential. This means we must think PREPARE, not just PROTECT. Our “test” is to love them in a healthy manner, so that they can replicate that love as healthy adults themselves. How they turn out is our “report card.”

 3. How to Get Through College Debt-Free

via YNAB

Great article that someone sent me this week. I think point #1 is the most important of all the points listed.

4. Study: Millennial Men Have Weaker Handshakes Than Their Dads

via Fatherly

This is a fun article. After teaching thousands of young people how to shake a hand over the last decade, this article reminds me there is more work to be done! While millennial men’s handshakes have weakened, millennial women handshakes have strengthened. 

5. ‘The Jesus Storybook Bible’ Turns 10: The Story Behind the Bestseller

via The Gospel Coalition

This book has been instrumental for my family and many people I’ve given it to you, I even wrote a blog post on it at one point. It was really interesting to get the story behind the Bible.

6. Time Management For The Time-Challenged

via Forbes

When I’m consistent with point 3 it’s a game-changer for my productivity. It’s worth a good, solid read.

7. The US President’s $2,614 Per Minute Transport System

via Wendover Productions

I only watched the first 6 minutes of this video, but it is fascinating…

8. Thabiti Anyabwile – Abortion and Race”

via Mark Campbell 

Wow. Take 3.5 minutes and watch this video.

9. Flashback: Bring Life to Your Family: It Starts By Reading The Bible

via Following to Lead

Men ask me often what they can do to lead their family better, this post sums up my answer.

“We want our kids to know Jesus, and to walk with Him.  We have an awesome responsibility and a unique opportunity to lead them to Him while they are in our homes.  I hope you let that work begin in you, and then impact your entire family.” 


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