My kids are off for spring break next week. We aren’t traveling this year and I am looking forward to a restful week playing outside, firing up the grill and spending time with my family. What are your spring break plans?

1. Men Wanted: Come and Die

via For the Church

“He wants disciples of Jesus to consider what he’s just laid out for them, which is that Christianity is about suffering like a soldier, training like an athlete, and working hard like a farmer. One thing these three examples have in common is a stubborn commitment to a diligent daily grind for a payoff that is not instant or immediate.”

2. Spare the Rod, Spoil the Parent

via Tim Challies

“If we fail to discipline our children to obey us, we fail to discipline them to submit to God.”

 3. ‘If I Were a College President, I Would Require Every Incoming Freshman to Read this Book and Pass a Test on it Before Taking Other Courses’

via The Gospel Coalition

“Mortimer Adler’s classic How to Read a Book is based on the traditional common-sense logic of the “three acts of the mind” [simple apprehension, judging, reasoning]. . . .”

4. Stewarding a Multiethnic Campus

via The Gospel Coalition

“When you build a multiethnic ministry, it forces sanctification at a much deeper level than anything else I can think of,” Lewis said. “It forces humility and sensitivity and understanding. . . .”

5. Five Things Clear Core Values Can Really Do For You

via Michael Lukaszewski

We worked hard to define our core values at The Mentoring Alliance, and these 5 points have come across my mind at different times. What do you believe is the biggest thing that clear core values can do for your organization?

6. Why You Lose Your Best Volunteers and Staff!

via Stephen Brewster

“We don’t have to pay attention to these opportunities. But if we don’t, someone else will and one day we’ll look around and wonder what happened to our most talented people and why they’re all working together, enjoying life, creating momentum, and changing the world in another organization.”

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