I have been out of touch for a couple of weeks. Amidst work and life demands, I haven’t had a lot of time to catch up on articles. When I finally had time to catch up, my Friday Finds filled quickly. Enjoy.

1. Parents: Get Off Your Phone

via Growing Leaders

I am not like the mom he talked about at the beginning of the article, but my wife and I have definitely had to become aware of our phone use around our kids. I think Tim Elmore brings up some great points in this article. I especially like point 6. 

2. Four Ways Not to Work

via Steve Graves

“You can slow down or change the demands of your work. You can alter the structure of your work. But we are hardwired to make a contribution to society until the day we die.  By that definition, work isn’t an option; it’s functioning properly.”

 3. 7 Things Every Leader Should Know About Working With Millennials

via Carey Nieuwhof

This article offers some great advice on working with millennials. Millennials, do you agree with it? 

4. 7 Reasons Christians Are Not Required to Tithe

via The Gospel Coalition

“Since God is to be our treasure, believers are to give generously and freely. For many in the West, this will mean giving more than 10 percent. Still, Scripture doesn’t command Christians to give a tenth—and Scripture, not tradition, is our rule and authority.

5. Men They Need You

via Nate Hill

My good friend, Nate Hill, started an awesome new blog. Nate is a Mentor Coordinator for our Gospel Village program at The Mentoring Alliance. He’s such a great, godly guy and we are blessed to have him on staff. 

Nate is passionate about seeing godly men step into the lives of young men, especially those lacking a positive male role model. Give his blog a follow. You won’t regret it.

6. We Can’t Microwave People Into Maturity

via The Gospel Coalition

“I tend to want results overnight. I want people to make the jump to light-speed after a short period. But it usually doesn’t work like this. We can’t microwave people into maturity.”

7. Five Common Habits That Can Kill Your Career

via Fast Company

“Your blind spots for your own bad habits could be keeping you from raises and promotions.” 

Do you fall into any of these habits?

8. You Might Be a Pharisee If…

via Grace to You

“Modern Pharisees do exist. But applying that label in a careless and reckless manner often ends up striking at the wrong target. And sometimes the real Pharisees end up being the ones who hypocritically use the pejorative against others. Scripture teaches us enough to readily identify Pharisees and pharisaical culture in modern churches. Even so, engaging in name-calling is a poor way to invest that discernment. That knowledge can be used far more profitably in admonishing the Pharisees we meet, avoiding places where pharisaical culture is dominant, and repenting of pharisaical tendencies in our own lives.”

9. Preaching about race: Keeping the big picture in view

via The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission 

“How should we preach about race? As a whole Bible issue, related to every aspect of redemptive history: creation, fall, redemption and new creation. Race should be addressed as a gospel issue and racial reconciliation as being at the heart of what it means for a local church to be faithful as the bride of Christ. The Lord Jesus said the most important commandments of all are to love God and our neighbors. So, we must preach and model the Word accordingly.”

10. Flashback: What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

via Following to Lead

I wrote this post a few years ago. I think as a leader and a parent, we are often placed in uncertain situations. Here’s some advice when you find yourself in uncertainty…

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