Every other week, I share some interesting things I’ve stumbled upon. I lump these various blog posts, books, articles, or videos clips into these posts I call, “Friday Finds.” Here’s this week’s edition. Enjoy.

1. Is Your Team Aligned and Attuned?

via Eric Geiger

I think Eric Geiger has a great point with this article. Many non-profits tend to lean one side of this spectrum- either aligned and very focused on the mission or attuned to the well-being of their co-workers. I’m currently striving for both in my ministry, how about your team?

2. The Great Parental Freak Out

via The Gospel Coalition

“The world doesn’t depend on you being perfect. And neither do your kids. So do what you can, be grateful for what you have, and pray like crazy.”

3. Are Millennials Selfish and Entitled?

via Russell Moore

“Let’s stop the Millennial bashing, in public and in private. Let’s thank God that he has given us a vibrant, gospel-focused, Christ-following next generation. We can have lots of differing opinions on the finer details of eschatology, but, when it comes to the more immediate future, we should all be pro-Millennial.”

4. The Five Biggest Mistakes New Leaders Make

via Leadership Freak

Dan Rockwell nails it with these 5 mistakes. I’ve definitely made all 5 of these mistakes at one time or another in my ministry. Is there anything you would add to this list?

5. Helping the Young Engage the Sermon

via Joe Thorn

At Joe Thorn’s church, Redeemer Fellowship, they don’t provide outlines, or even lay out the main points to their sermons. They created this simple note sheet that helps the people in their church engage in the sermon. Check it out.

6. Sallie Mae Back

via Dee-1

If you have student loans, you’ve got to watch this video. This rapper decided he was sick of paying the minimum payments on his loans, and started aggressively attacking his student loan debt. When he finished, he created this hilarious video.

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