It’s been a great week at the Christian Leadership Alliance’s Outcomes Conference in Dallas. Every year, I challenge the staff that attend with me to a little Topgolf

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Here’s this week’s Friday Finds. Enjoy.

1. The Intellectual in Canada Who Unmasked Political Idolatry in America

via The Gospel Coalition

“So we must enter the American public square with the same humble confidence with which the early church entered the Roman public square. We’re confident because the Lord will return to restore his kingdom; we’re humble because it’s he, not we, who’ll set the world aright; and in light of those truths, we’re determined to witness to his kingdom and be the heart and strength of every good movement of American political concern.”

2. Being Pence-ive about Dinner with the Ladies

via Reformation 21

“Earlier this week Vice President Mike Pence made news when it was revealed that, as a rule, he doesn’t dine alone with a woman who isn’t his wife, nor does he attend events with alcohol unless she’s by his side. This revelation was met roundly with ridicule, mockery, and in some quarters accusations of misogyny–sadly, even among quite a number of fellow believers on social media.”

 3. Why We’re Teaching Our Children Hymns

via Harvest Bible Chapel

 “On a regular basis we as a family must join our voices under the supremacy of Jesus Christ to the praise of His glory.  It creates a sense of solidarity in the Gospel together.”

4. The Difference Between a Shepherd and a Leader

via Paul Alexander Blog

“Some of the best Church Leaders not only have a leadership gift, but also have the heart of a shepherd. Church Leaders who don’t naturally have the heart of a shepherd would do well and benefit by surrounding themselves with others on the team who do.”

5. You Cannot Raise Snowflakes in Jesus’ Name

via David Prince

I really like this guy’s perspective on training kids to be strong and courageous…

“The responsibility of Christian parents is to train their child how to appropriately respond to every situation in a way that glorifies God and displays self-sacrificial courage.”

6. Flashback: The Most Simplistic and Effective Way to Lead Your Kids to Jesus

via Following to Lead

Want to know a great way to talk to your kids about Jesus? Tell them stories…

“Have you ever seen God provide for you and your family in a way that was outside of your control and possibilities? Has God comforted you through an extremely difficult trial or loss? Have you experienced God’s sustaining power through a scary “step of faith” type scenario. These are the stories that need to be passed on to show our kids that God is alive and active.”

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