I’ve had people ask me recently why I haven’t been writing more posts. Although I have some ideas brewing in my mind, the truth is that I haven’t felt compelled to write on a certain topic. But I do continue to read what others are saying.

Here’s this week’s edition of the top blog posts, books, articles, and video clips I’ve stumbled upon. Enjoy.

1. Millenial Turnover: Why Employee Retention is No Longer Realistic

via Lindsey Pollak

To all those younger folk that get frustrated that I continue to highlight blog posts about millennials, I think you’ll like this one. It takes some of the pressure off the typical stereotypes. “Job hopping is an ‘everyone’ thing, not a millennial thing.”

2. Have We Been Celebrating the Wrong Thing about TOMS?

via Peter K Greer

Interesting thoughts from my new friend, Peter Greer, about the company TOMS. TOMS has not only been providing shoes to people in impoverished countries, but also they’ve been providing hundreds of jobs in 6 different countries. These jobs have empowered parents to buy shoes for their own children. We quickly celebrate the “buy one, give one” model of TOMS, but we need to celebrate their core business model as well.

3. Four Warnings for Your Twenties

via Desiring God

Wow. A simple walk through of a portion of I Corinthians 10, with 4 great, applicable questions to consider. I love how the post begins talking about we get lost reading the Old Testament. He describes our mindset in this next paragraph:

“Even though 2 Timothy 3:16 echoes in the back of our heads, ‘All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable,’ the experience of reading our Bibles can be a little like watching grandma use a smartphone. She knows it can do a lot more than she does with it, but she’s at a loss without someone showing her (seven or eight times) how to take a picture, turn on Bluetooth, or listen to a podcast.”

4. Why We Really Put Our Kids in Sports

via Christianity Today

I confess; I struggle watching my kids play sports. I don’t yell at others, or get mad at the ref. But I do get frustrated that my kids haven’t improved 100% in one week. This article really challenges the perspective parents have on their children’s athletics. Very convicting. Worth the read.

5. 20 Leadership Tips in Tweet Length

via Ron Edmondson

I didn’t expect this post would be all that valuable when I stopped to read it. Surprisingly, I thought it actually brought some good insight. Here’s the list of Ron Edmondson’s top 20 leadership tips. What’s your favorite from the list?

6. A Challenge to the Church

via Frances Chan

If anything, watch this video. It’s less than 5 minutes long.

“But we are turning away our children by the droves because our lives are not the adventure they see in Scripture and they are not experiencing the Holy Spirit. They’re experiencing a Christian version of the American Dream, that’s watered down. We just make excuses for really idolizing our families rather than putting Christ and the mission first.”


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