It’s been a while since you’ve had a Friday Finds.  I’ve taken some time off from posting these, but I’m ready to start again.  Here are five interesting articles I’ve read recently.  I hope you enjoy them.

1. These Bombs Lead Me To Christ

via Christianity Today

“You have seen my picture a thousand times. It’s a picture that made the world gasp—a picture that defined my life. I am nine years old, running along a puddled roadway in front of an expressionless soldier, arms outstretched, naked, shrieking in pain and fear, the dark contour of a napalm cloud billowing in the distance.”  Read this amazing article about Kim Phuc Phan Thi’s journey from being alone “atop a mountain of rage” to being at peace through Jesus Christ.

2. 6 ways, backed by research, to goof off and get more done


Have more fun and get more done.  Does this sound like a “too good to be true” promise? Check out these six interesting finds from Eric Baker and judge for yourself!

“There’s plenty of research showing that being a touch lazy might be beneficial at times.” 

3. How to Remember What You Read

via Gospel Relevance

Nothing can be more frustrating than spending several hours reading a book, only to find that you don’t really remember most of what you have read.  David Qaoud gives four simple steps in this article to help you retain more of what you read.  He also gives some encouragement about the process of reading.  Enjoy these great tips!

4. Top Four Employee Concerns By Robert McFarland

via Christian Leadership Alliance

Robert McFarland has written this short blog post encapsulating four major points from this book, Dear Boss: What Your Employees Wish You Knew.   “Based on these responses, four themes emerged that encapsulate the problems voiced by employees and faced by management all over the country. These themes involve perceptions of insufficient appreciation, inadequate morale, incompetent management, and improper communication”.  Check out the full post for more details.

5.  Good News for Modern Parents

via The Gospel Coalition

Parenting can be difficult.  Parenting in today’s society of shifting values and morals can seem downright impossible.  Harriet Connor shares some timeless truths from the Word of God that gives us parents the courage to keep parenting our children for the sake of the Gospel.

6. Flashback: What Life-Changing Mentors Do Consistently

via Following to Lead

Everyone wishes they had a mentor, but very few people step out in faith to become one.  Check out this post I wrote about using relationships for the Gospel.  “Whether you are a parent, a pastor, a teacher, or simply a leader of any kind, we have the opportunity to influence others in a way that sets them free to be all that God created them to be.”  I hope you will be inspired to find someone to mentor soon!

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