It’s summertime, which means plenty of opportunity to glean some wisdom from a variety of articles. Here are the latest I’ve read over the past couple of weeks that I thought were worth passing on. I call it “Friday Finds”. Enjoy.

1. Four Ways for Fathers to Engage at Home

via Desiring God

These are simple, and good reminders for parents. Come on, dads, let’s step up our game.

“Pouring our energy into our wives and children in the service of God’s glory and the good of our families is exciting work, and well worth our best efforts.”

2. Five Ways to Increase Your Capacity

via Tim Elmore

One of my leadership team members recently asked me, “How does one increase their capacity?” My answer…”Pressure”. When you are stretched to perform beyond your current ability, growth can occur. This article points out four other really good ways to increase your capacity.

“Whether it’s you or someone on your team, the good news is—capacity can grow. It has limits, but it can develop. In fact, Stanford psychology professor Carol Dweck tells us our brains work like a muscle. We just have to employ the right exercises to grow that muscle.”

3. Living a Life of Stunning Significance

via Ligonier Ministries

This is a neat story about a guy named Lawrence Dow. He lived his life as a simple doorman at a downtown hotel, but impacted many people through the he let himself be used by God:

“So what did Lawrence Dow do, and what should we do as bearers of God’s image in this world? One answer is that Lawrence was utterly devoted to the work of the gospel. He looked on the world and on people through a biblical lens. He did not see rich or poor, black or white, high or low. He saw sinners who needed to be saved. He saw people broken by guilt who needed to hear about forgiveness. He saw people weakened in the bondage of sin who needed strength from the Lord.”

4. The Six Best Summer Jobs for Students and Why

via Tim Elmore

Geoff Goodman, the President of Orange Leaf Yogurt, has decided to embrace the phrase: “America’s Best First Job.” Why? A service industry job, like Orange Leaf Yogurt, can be one of the best experiences to get a young person ready for life and career through direct customer service.  This article gives some great thoughts on your child’s first job.

5. 5 Tips for Senior Leaders

via Steve.Graves

This article outlines 5 straightforward tasks to help a senior leader stay on course: directional clarity, strategic movement, culture cultivation, resource stability, and reason for being. Although I would give these a big hearty “amen,” it’s one thing to know the and another to do a solid job developing these in the organization you lead.

6. Talking to My Boys after the Transgender Talk at Their Public School

via Brad Hambrick

Excellent, excellent article that will equip every parent ready to discuss this issue with their kids in a graceful, biblically-informed way. Brady thoroughly explains his discussion with his boys, and his goals in the conversation.

“The biggest long-term impact I will have on my boys is shaping how they think; as much as what they think. Conversations like these are times when I get a litmus test for how they respond in awkward-controversial subjects, how perceptive they are about moral dilemmas, the degree of impact authority figures (like teachers) have on them, and what kind of logic they use to support their beliefs.”

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