Summer is here!  The temperatures have warmed up.  The lakes and pools are busy.  Whatever this summer brings for you and your family, I hope a little rest and relaxation comes your way.

Here are this week’s Friday Finds.  I hope you will find something that encourages you, inspires you, or challenges you.  Enjoy.

1. A Parent’s Guide to the 5 Skeptics Who Want to Shame Your Kids for Being Christian

via Stand to Reason

We all want our children to be prepared to stand up and defend the gospel.  However, social media is changing the way the people respond.  Natasha Crain, a blogger for six years, feels that people are often less civil in their responses when they are hiding “behind their screens.”

“Kids need to understand these emotion-laden shaming attempts they’ll encounter.”  She describes five different personas and then gives parents advice on how to guide your kids to be able to combat these shaming attempts.  I hope these encourage you in parenting for today’s culture.

2. How a Mortgage Company Is Loving Its Neighbors

via The Gospel Coalition

What happens when the gospel meets business?  Can you apply biblical principles to a for-profit business and have it thrive?

Find out how this amazing mortgage company started in the midst of the housing market crash, built itself upon biblical principles, and grew at an astonishing rate of 70% each year.

3. ‘I Don’t Know How You Do It’: God’s Grace for Foster Parents

via Gospel-Centered Discipleship

James Williams understands the joys and heartaches of being a foster parent.  In this poignant article, he acknowledges the difficulties of being a foster parent while speaking the refreshing, life-giving truth of the gospel into the harsh realities that come with welcoming children from the foster-care system into your home.

He acknowledges the insufficiency of self and the complete sufficiency of the sovereign God of the Universe, who brings grace and strength for each situation.  If you are a foster parent, may this article refresh you.

4. God Doesn’t Make Us Nice.  He Makes Us New.

via The Gospel Coalition

In this compelling blog post, Scott James gives highlights from Michael Lawrence’s book, Conversion: How God Creates a People.  He highlights from the book how the gospel is not something that helps us change ourselves, but how God completely creates us into new beings.  And only He can do that work.  This has major implications in our personal lives, as well as in our churches.

Read this article to be challenged on how we can “‘…live differently (pursuing holiness), love differently (forgiving our enemies), and look different (multiethnic, multigenerational, multi-economic).”

5. How To Measure Success As a Parent

via The Parent Cue

The advice available to help people survive the wild ride of parenting can range from completely crazy to solidly biblical.  We all want to succeed as parents, but what does real success look like?

Reggie Joiner, founder and CEO of Orange (The reThink Group) has written a brief post that helps us hit the target as parents.  He helps us consider both the quantity AND quality of the time we spend with our kids.

6. Flashback: The Three Best Lessons Young People Have Taught Me About Faith

Rose City Summer Camps is going full force for us here at The Mentoring Alliance.  As I watch our godly summer staff pour into the lives of kids each day, I’m reminded that we can learn from them too.  Enjoy this post I wrote a while back highlighting three lessons I learned from college students.


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