It’s hard to believe next week is the Fourth of July.  It marks the halfway point for Rose City Summer Camps here at The Mentoring Alliance.  The weeks seem to be flying by.   Enjoy this week’s Friday Finds.

1. We Need to Talk About Racial Issues in Our Churches

via The Gospel Coalition

Sho Baraka addresses a critical issue in churches today – our lack of addressing differences regarding race and culture.  He encourages churches to embrace the differences rather than pretend they don’t exist.

“I ask that we stop ignoring racial differences and love each other in light of our differences. We should desire to know and understand our brothers and sisters so we can love them and God better. Our color matters because our identities matter.”

I think you will find this article interesting and challenging.

2. How to Succeed in Business?  Do Less

via The Wall Street Journal

What is the best way to be successful in business?  Work harder or work smarter?  Morten T. Hansen discusses the findings of research he conducted to find out how employees at all levels achieved higher performance standards than their peers.  I think you’ll find his results interesting.

3.  4 Ways to Develop Bible Skills for Kids

via Eric Geiger

“If we wish to train up children who walk closely with God as they grow into adults, we must influence them to read and reference the Bible. Here are four ways you, and those who lead the kids in your church, can cultivate a love for Bible reading in children:”  Check it out.

4. Rivalries Gone Wrong

via Peter K Greer

Rivalries are a huge part of American culture.  We not only have our teams that we cheer for, but our teams that we root against.  This might make for some office fun during March Madness, but is this mindset leaking over into our Kingdom work?

In this article, Peter Greer challenges us to see other ministries as co-laborers instead of competitors.  Give this article a quick read and then check out his new book, Rooting for Rivals, that he wrote with Chris Horst.

5. Five Harmful Parenting Styles and How to Correct Them

via Growing Leaders

We all set out to be great parents, but it’s easy to fall into habits that have unhealthy consequences.  Tim Elmore describes the problem this way, “Most parents I meet want to be a good parent. At times, however, we can’t draw the line between mothering and smothering; fathering and bothering.”

Read this article to discover his take on unhealthy parenting styles and his recommendations to fix them.  Enjoy.

Flashback: A Word to White, Moderate Ministry Leaders

via Following to Lead

Since I started this week’s Friday Finds with an article about race, I thought it would be good to go back and look at an post I wrote a few years ago.  I learned a deep lesson while reading Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.”  Read this where I share what I learned.  It’s always a good reminder.

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