It’s summertime, which means plenty of opportunity to glean some wisdom from a variety of articles. Here are the latest I’ve read over the past couple of weeks that I thought were worth passing on. I call it “Friday Finds”. Enjoy.

1. 3 Ways to Provoke Your Children to Anger

via Michael Kelley

“Nevertheless, we would do well to examine ourselves to make sure there aren’t latent characteristics in our lives at home that might, albeit unintentionally, be provoking our children to anger.”

2. What Does Your Tipping Say About Your Faith in Jesus?

via Randy Alcorn

“As followers of Christ, we’re to be characterized by generosity, humility, and gratitude. That extends to how well we tip those who serve us at restaurants and other places. Scripture says, “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed” (Proverbs 11:25). “The wicked borrows but does not pay back, but the righteous is generous and gives” (Psalm 37:21). I have heard many stories from restaurant servers, both believers and unbelievers, who say that they get the smallest tips from people who come to eat after leaving church on Sunday mornings. This should not be.”

3. Why Helicopter Parents Produce Boomerang Kids

via Tim Elmore

“Do we prepare the path for the child instead of the child for the path because we secretly want our kids to remain dependent upon us? Because…it feels good to be needed and wanted?”

4. 5 Reasons Why Teenagers Need Theology

via The Gospel Coalition 

This post was written by an 18-year-old. Parents, we need to be studying God with our children.

“The world can be really confusing for teenagers. We’re coming of age in a shifting moral landscape, where the most pressing challenges and culture’s loudest critics are ever changing and perpetually conflicting. We see scandals and soundbytes, terrorism and Trump, new sexual ethics and harsh racial tensions, and we wonder, How am I supposed to think about all this?”

5. When A Christian Feels Dry: A Simple Practice

via Jason Helopoulos

“I believe one of the great disciplines of the Christian faith is meditation. I am not speaking of meditation as many speak of it today. It is not the mind-emptying meditation of Eastern religions or the monotonous humming meditation of mysticism. Christian meditation fills the mind, so the soul is moved. And as Christians, we seek to fill our minds with and see our souls move by the person of Christ.”

6. Chloe- A Story of Infertility, Adoption, and God’s Love

via Moving Works


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