I hope you had a good time celebrating the 4th of July with your family and friends this week.  I’m truly grateful for the freedoms we have in our country.

Here is the latest Friday Finds.  Enjoy.

1. Parents, Don’t Waste Your Lazy Summer Days

via Revive Our Hearts

We all look forward to summertime when the crazy schedules of school and activities seem to slow down a bit.  Stacy Reaoch encourages us as parents to be very intentional about seeing our time in the summer as an opportunity to disciple our children.  She gives a list of five ways to actively live out Deut. 6:5-7.

2. Show Me the Money: The Difference Between Wise and Foolish Budgeting

via Follow the GLS

Tony Morgan takes a quick look at two different thoughts when it comes to budgeting in an organization.  He then compares the two extremes as foolish and wise.  Does anything on this list resonate with you?

3. Honestly Assessing Our Decision to Public School Our Kids

via Challies 

My wife and I have chosen public school for our kids and we have experienced many of the same things that Tim Challies writes about in this post.  It’s nice to read someone’s experience who is a few years further down the road.  I hope this article encourages you.

4. How to Handle Arguments with Kids About Phones

via Growing Leaders

Parenting today includes many conversations (or arguments) about phones.  Tim Elmore gives parents some some helpful hints to lay the foundation for these conversations.

“I have a suggestion that has worked for many parents along the way. It’s a step that not only guides the conversations on this topic, but it prepares teens for the world they are about to mature into as adults: a contract.”

Check out Tim’s ideas in this post.

5.  Why You Need a “Mount Rushmore” of Mentors to Grow as a Communicator

via Follow the GLS

Brian Loritts speaks of his own personal experience learning under three different kinds of communicators: Explainer, Illustrator, and Applicator.  These three experiences helped shape him into a fourth kind of communicator: All of the Above.

“While not every message I give strikes the balance perfectly, I feel like I’m on a great trajectory because of time well spent with my “Mount Rushmore” of communicators.”  Enjoy.

6. Flashback: Give Your Kids a Vision of Mission

This is a post I wrote about a few years ago.  As my kids get older, it has been amazing to watch them begin to catch a vision for what God can do through our family.  I hope you will be challenged by this Flashback.

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