Summertime is a great time to get caught up on some reading.  I’ve found some encouraging blog posts to read.  I think you’ll be encouraged by them too.  Here is this week’s Friday Finds.  Enjoy.

1. Being a father isn’t easy, but it is simple

via Gentle Reformation

There is much that can be said on the subject of being a father, but Jared Olivetti believes that sometimes it’s best to sit back and take a simple approach to the difficult task of fathering your children well.  Check out his list of five things that a father can do to become a great father and leader in the home.  His list is simple, but challenging.

2. Three Very Simple Phrases That Will Motivate Your Team More Than You Think

via Carey Nieuwhof

This is a great post about using simple phrases on a consistent basis to motivate and encourage the people on your team.  Carey Nieuwhof says the following:

“The challenge is that in most settings, work becomes transactional. It’s all about getting things done, and we forget that the people we work with have emotions, feelings and things that motivate and demotivate them.”

Check out the rest of the blog post to find out what the phrases are and how to best use them.

3. Is 12-years-old too young to talk to your kids about money?

via USA Today

In the many topics you consider talking about with your children, do you ever consider talking about money?  When should you start those conversations?  In this article, Adam Shell urges readers to start the conversation sooner rather than later.  Beginning with age appropriate content and continuing to expand the conversation as your children get older, helps to create financially wise adults.  I think you’ll find some good guidelines and conversations starters in here if you haven’t approached this topic with your kids yet.  Enjoy.

4. Three Ways Parents Can Pray for Their Prodigal Children

via Eternal Perspective Ministries

Watching your children stray from God can be an incredibly painful experience.  Sarah Walton, a self-proclaimed former prodigal child, offers three powerful ways that you can pray deeply for your children.  I hope if you are experiencing the hurt of a prodigal child or family member or friend, that you will be encouraged and challenged to get on your knees and do battle for their souls.

5.  How to Raise an American Adult

via The Wall Street Journal

Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska has written a powerful and encouraging article on raising kids who can become productive members of society.  He and his wife, Melissa, have one goal for their children,

 “We want our kids to arrive at adulthood as fully formed, vivacious, appealing, resilient, self-reliant, problem-solving souls who see themselves as called to love and serve their neighbors.” 

They center their parenting approach around 5 broad themes: resist consumption, embrace the pain of work, connect across generations, travel meaningfully, and become truly literate.  Senator Sasse gives lots of great ideas and food for thought in this article.

6.  Flashback: What Should You Do With the Rest of Your Life?

via Following to Lead

“We live in a world of a thousand choices. Like a child in line at the snack shop frozen by the myriad of options in front of him, so are many Christians today – who stand wondering, “What is God’s will for my life?” Their life is on pause as they wait to know what they should do with their life. It doesn’t have to be this way.”

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