Thirty-seven years ago I remember standing out in the street doing exactly what I was told NOT to do: stare directly into the sun during the eclipse. This past week reminded me of the simple reality that some things never change.

I hope your week was effective, productive, but most importantly, receptive…to everything God desires to be doing in and through you.

Here are a few articles I found interesting this week.

1. How Adults Reduce Grit in Kids

via Growing Leaders

What makes students successful today?  What are our students lacking that can help them thrive in school and in life?  Tim Elmore gives a thoughtful summary of Dr. Angela Duckworth’s book, “Grit” in this blog post.  He explores her idea of grit and how we as leaders are failing to establish this important quality in our students.

2. The Most Complex Organizational Relationship…And How To Manage It

via Peter K Greer

As you read this title, what strikes you as the most complex organizational relationship?  Which work relationships do you think he might address?  You might be surprised.

“…the board–CEO relationship is exceptionally challenging. It’s a proverbial minefield, with the potential to sabotage an organization: creating dissention, thwarting progress, undermining impact, and knocking it off mission.”

Read this blog by Peter Greer about his new book, The Board and the CEO.

3. Big Church for Small Kids

via Jen Wilkin

In this follow-up blog on why kids should be in corporate worship, Jen Wilkins offers practical, specific ideas on how to begin to integrate your school-aged children into the Sunday worship service.  Her straight forward and clear ideas will help you begin this process immediately.

4. How Should Entrepreneurs Hold ‘Just In Case’ Cash?

via Entrepreneur

“As a business owner, it makes sense to keep cash on hand for the future. Nobody can predict the next economic downturn. And if your business is just starting to take flight, you might need some extra cash to invest when you face turbulence.”

Garrett Oakley, a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Financial Planner, offers financially savvy ways to invest your extra cash from your business.

5.  Flashback: A Different Option for Education: Homeschool Your Public School Kids

via Following to Lead

As students all over the country are heading back to school, have we as parents considered what we will be teaching our children this year?  “School was never meant to be the sole method for teaching our kids anyway.”   Read some of my thoughts in this post.

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