School started this week which means a lot has changed around the East household. We sent our youngest to Kindergarten, which means we have all 5 of our kids at the same elementary school! It’s a fun new season we have entered, full of new joys and challenges. We wouldn’t trade it for the world.


Here’s my latest batch of good articles I’ve seen around the web…

1. Five Characteristics of a Healthy Team Culture

via Michael Lukaszewski

Culture plays such an important role in the success of an organization. I am always looking for ways to better the culture at The Mentoring Alliance and I think Michael Lukaszewski nails it on the head with 5 simple characteristics that help build a healthy team culture.

2. What did you learn?

via Jamie Dew

“In the end, punishment alone only teaches behavior modification and this isn’t enough. What we’re after is the heart, the mind, and the whole person. God has entrusted them to us, let’s be faithful to teach them.”

3. How to Develop a Great Board

via Steve Graves

“Every great board provides four things: wisdom, wealth, work, and witness.

  • Wisdom—Advice and Guidance
  • Wealth—Capital and Access
  • Work—Effort and Action
  • Witness—Advocacy and Energy

…A board provides exactly the kind of things that I try to provide as an executive coach—outside perspective, energizing hope, useful strategy, and measured accountability. Four things that every founder and every organization must have if they hope to go anywhere.”

4. Keep It Simple

via Bryan Loritts

I’m thankful for my friend Bryan’s wisdom. It is hard to fight for simplicity, but sometimes simplicity is exactly what we need to be truly successful.

“Simplicity is depth. Simplicity is clarity. Simplicity sets the table for excellence.”

5. How Can You Get a Mentor?

via Russell Moore

We all need mentors in our lives. I often have young people ask me how and where they can find a mentor. This article gives some good guidance on how to surround yourself with people that can truly impact you.

6. Do You Lack Vision?

via Lifeway

“A vision is a picture of where you want to be. It’s the ultimate goal statement. Churches, corporations, and organizations all have vision statements that communicate their mission and their values. Even individuals and families can have vision statements that illustrate their commitment, purpose, and life goals.

A good vision statement should govern decisions. It is the first filter for any choice that a company, church, or individual Christian must use. If an option isn’t in keeping with the vision, nor helps further the cause of achieving it, the answer is clear. Vision directs decision.”

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