It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted my Friday Finds. But alas, here it is, the latest, greatest list of articles or videos I’ve seen online that I thought were worth sharing. I call them Friday Finds.

Like for many of you, these past few months have been pretty crazy for my family. Here we are on the very tail end of a 19 hour straight drive from Michigan back to our home in Tyler, TX. Delirious was an understatement.

1. Race, the Gospel, and the Moment

 via The Gospel Coalition

Recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia have shaken the nation to its core.  Again.  How should Christians respond in the light of such hatred and destruction? This is a challenging, thoughtful, and biblically based response from Christian leader, Tim Keller.

2. Three Responses to Charlottesville

 via blogs

My old friend, Michelle Pokorny gives a thoughtful and scriptural look at the horrifying events in Charlottesville, VA.

“In light of current events, how do we develop a more gospel-centered approach? How are we to ‘take up our towel’ (John 13) and serve others?  How do we move from ‘us vs. them’ to ‘we’? How do we get our heads out of the sand?” 

3. 20 Life Lessons I Learned from Reggie Joiner

 via Carey Nieuwhof

Do you have that person in your life who has taught you much of your leadership style?  Reggie Joiner is one of the most innovative and “strategically laser focused” leaders in Christian circles today.  Read the 20 Life Lessons that his good friend, Carey Nieuwhof, has learned from him.  I think you will find you can learn much as well.

4. Poverty, Dropouts, Pregnancy, Suicide: What The Numbers Say About Fatherless Kids

via NPR

The absence of fathers in homes continues to be a rising problem with long term consequences.  Research is showing incredible negative effects on a child when the father is absent, even if that father is not a good influence.  Read this interview with author Alan Blankenship for a brief overview of this growing problem.  Mentors are needed now more than ever to stand it the gap for these fatherless children.

 5. What I’ve Learned From 7 Years of Leading Millennials

via Forbes

 Millennials now compose the “biggest generation in the workforce.”  Understanding how to hire and retain millennials is vital for businesses and ministries to thrive today.  Read this advice from entrepreneur William Vanderbloemen.

Video of the week – Card Throwing Trick Shots

Sometimes you just need to watch crazy people doing cool tricks.  Enjoy.

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