Here are the latest I’ve read over the past couple of weeks that I thought were worth passing on. I call it “Friday Finds”. Enjoy.

1. Why Sunday Should Be a Day of Rest

via CCC Discover

“We were created for work, but we were also made to rest. It’s interesting that even secular studies have embraced the idea that we need to take a break and relax regularly (see these pieces in the New York Times,  The Economist, and Scientific American). Rest is a creational principle—it is embedded in the molecules of our DNA.

We were made not only to rest but also to worship, and what better day to do so than the first day of the week, Sunday—the very day of the week on which Jesus was raised from the dead? God gave us permission to take a break once a week by modeling rest for himself. Take advantage of this special day!”

2. Generosity: An Old Testament Perspective

via PCA Foundation

“The idea in the Old Testament is that there is a deficit between the poor and the wealthy—the have and the have-nots. They are to meet each other’s needs. We’re family, and we have to take care of each other like we are family. There are lots of different ways we can go about doing that, but it’s important to keep in mind the underlying principle of the Old Testament: God gives, so we give.”

3. 10 Public Speaking Tips from Charles Spurgeon

via The Spurgeon Center

Charles Spurgeon was known as the “Prince of Preachers” in the mid-1800s, and we can still learn a lot from him today. Which one is your favorite speaking tip?

4. Choosing Your Christmas Project: Three Questions to Ask

via Peter Greer

If you’re looking for ways to engage your family in giving this upcoming holiday season, I think this article gives some great perspective. How does your family Christmas project help people beyond the holidays?

5. The Gospel Prayer

via J.D. Greear

“There are four components to the prayer, and all four flow out of our identity in Christ. Because I am in Christ…

1. There is nothing I have done that could make you love me less, and nothing I could do that would make you love me more.

2. You are all I need for everlasting joy.

3. As you have been to me, so I will be to others.

4. As I pray, I’ll do so according to the compassion you’ve shown at the cross and the power you demonstrated through the resurrection.”

6. Read Scripture Jeremiah

via The Bible Project


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