Every so often, I share some interesting things I’ve stumbled upon. I typically lump these various blog posts, books, articles, or video clips into these posts I call, “Friday Finds.” Here’s the latest edition. Enjoy.


Biblical Truth:

Is our President a Christian?

My good friend does a solid job in this post of addressing this question. If you read it, make sure you read it to the end. The answer he gives applies to much more than President Obama.

3 Things We Should Stop Doing to the Old Testament

I’m convicted of his second point. Do you ever whitewash OT stories for your children?

Adopted- Sermon Jam

Maybe it’s because I’m a visual person, but I think this presentation is powerful to watch and read as you listen to the excerpt of the sermon. So good.


4 Wisdom Principles for Multiethnic Ministry 

“No matter who I have served or where I have served, I have learned that people have the same sin tendencies regardless of the ethnicities as well as the same intensity of sufferings.”

Top 50 Leadership Books to Read

I would definitely recommend 11 and 44 off this list. Three that would make my list are Spiritual Leadership, Good to Great and the Social Sectors and The Conviction to Lead.

Three Keys to Leadership Fruitfulness 

“At the very core of my leadership is the need to listen well, the courage to share boldly and for hearts to respond. I am highly motivated to pray over these three aspects of my leadership as I face decisions and teach and speak into the lives of those I coach or lead.”


Let Boys be Non-Medicated Boys

“Even the goodness of boyhood energy is broken by the fall. But in most cases, what if we are getting the diagnosis wrong?  What if ADHD seems more like God-given characteristics of what it means to actually be a boy?”

What is Transparenting?

“If you’re a parent, you know how scary it is when your child starts pulling away from you. And it’s frightening when they stop communicating. One of the reasons it’s so frightening is we never feel like we’re done parenting, or honestly, that they’re ready. We are deathly afraid they are going to repeat our mistakes. We fear they will have our temper, or daydream like we do. We fear they’ll argue the way we sometimes argue with our spouse.”

5 Ways to Speak Grace into Your Kids

“As parents, we must frequently, repeatedly, continually, constantly, reinforce grace.”

Lord, Make Me a Generous Father

“It’s my responsibility as a dad to teach my kids, both implicitly and explicitly, what their true heavenly Father is like, and it is a mighty responsibility. It takes my breath away to consider that, whether they know it or not, the primary way my kids are learning about their Father in heaven is through their father on earth. So what kind of Father is He, and therefore what kind of father must I strive to be? Among other things, He is a generous Father.”

Broken Together

This is a fresh media version of this song by Casting Crowns.

Parenting Well in a Digital World

“You need to put off foolishness and embrace responsibility. Today we are handing our children power tools and then acting shocked when they cut off their hands. This is absurd, and we should expect that our children will make serious mistakes if we do not guide them. So parent, you don’t need only to educate yourself, but also your children. You need to have a plan for introducing new technologies to your children and for monitoring them as they use them. This is your responsibility—the responsibility of having a plan.”

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