Everything in our lives and our leadership is transformed by who we follow.  

Your host Kevin East is the President & CEO of Mentoring Alliance, a large nonprofit based in Texas that impacts thousands of young people and families through camps, after school programs, and connecting at-risk youth to godly mentor families.

In every episode of the “Following To Lead with Kevin East” Podcast you will hear from influential and effective leaders and authors, and you will be inspired to follow Jesus in such a way that it changes the way you live and the way you lead, both at work and at home.

If you want your life and leadership to be transformed, and at the top of where it could be – if that is you – be sure to subscribe, stay engaged, share the podcast with others, and leave a nice review.


Kevin invites you on a journey of learning as he brings a variety of guests to share treasures of the Kingdom they have learned. The topics are wide-ranging and include how following Jesus is not just some hollow, religious duty but actually life-giving that changes everything from how we live to how we lead at home or work. Join us!

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