When I first started this blog, I thought it would be a good place for me to write on subjects that I am passionate about.  Over these months, my view of blogs has drastically changed, and I need your help as I try to get this blog to a new level.

Months ago, I thought I would only blog once a week.  I did until about the first of the year.  Since then, my aim has been to post 2 to 3 times per week.  Social media realms like blogs have become such a rich environment to dialogue with people on numerous issues, so I’d like to invest more time in this one.

From what I can tell, there is a steady group of people reading this blog now.  If you enjoy what I write about, and find it helpful, I’d love to ask for your help in a few areas.

1. Link to this blog. I’m really surprised how many people find this blog because they see a link to it from a blog they are reading.  If you link to this blog, I’ll link to yours as well.  Just leave your info in a comment below.  I’m going to set up a page for different links to blogs in the near future.

2. Comment here. Part of the value in a blog is the actual post.  BUT, what I really love is the interaction that happens in the comments in a blog.  After I post, many people comment on my Facebook, send me a tweet, or send me an email.  I’d love it if you would comment here, to help foster a good dialogue on the topic.

3. Like, Share or Tweet. Kind of self-explanatory, but if you like a post, just help me send it to other people.

4. Give me blog topics. If you have a topic you’d be interested to get my opinion on, let me know in a comment below, or just sending me a note.  I’ll be blogging on numerous topics this Spring, so I’d love to consider them.

By the way, I’ve noticed that many of you comment, but don’t have a picture next to your comment.  If you would like one, they are called Gravatars.  You can easily get one here.

Thanks so much for your help.

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