Once a week, I will share some interesting things I’ve stumbled upon. I typically lump these various blog posts, books, articles, or videos clips into these posts I call, “Friday Finds.” Here’s this week’s edition. Enjoy.

1. 6 Great New Books for Kids

via Tim Challies

Steph and I are always looking for valuable books to read with our kids. There are one or two on this list we will be adding to our arsenal.

2. Helicopter parents are not the only problem. Colleges coddle students, too.

via The Washington Post

“No longer are the nation’s college campuses places where only the fittest survive, the place where only one of your classmates to the right or the left will make it to graduation. Colleges instead are practicing a new version of “in loco parentis” — they are expected to be stand-in parents — and it begins as soon as students step foot on campus.”

3. Leaders Should Write it Down

via Brad Lomenick

Great advice to leaders of all ages. It can’t be mistaken or as easily forgotten when it’s put in writing.

4. Four Gospels?

via Rev. Nicholas T. Batzig

“As a young Christian, I remember wondering why it was that God chose to give us four Gospels rather than one. This is no illegitimately curious or superfluous question. It is one that we do well to consider. I have actually come to believe that there are many reasons why our God has given us four–rather than one–Gospel records.”

5.This couple lives on 6% of their income so they can give $100,000 to charity

via Quartz

Now this couple inspires me. I’m don’t now their spiritual background. What I do know is that followers of Jesus have been made new people. And we are generous.

“It’s a truism that money can’t buy happiness. But the saying has become so cliche in recent years people have forgotten exactly what it really means in the first place.”

6. Survivors of Dad Jokes

via John Smith

Couldn’t pass this one up. If you, like me, are a terrible dad joke teller, you might need to realize there are apparently sever consequences to our actions…

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