Every so often, I like to pass on some new things I have come across.  Here are my latest.  Enjoy.

Jadon Lavik – I don’t know why I’ve never heard of this guy, but I was just introduced to him this past week.  If you like acoustic music with a warm, raspy voice, this is your guy.  His song, “What If,” is so good.  There’s even this video on YouTube that someone put together about it.

Joel Beeke – Here’s another author I just found.  His book, “Parenting by God’s Promises” looks really good.  I just added it to my reading list.  Apparently, his chapter on preventative discipline is really good.  As well, someone just told me about this talk he gave at a conference that was unbelievable.  I have it saved to watch soon.

How I Wish The Homosexuality Debate Would Go – This is a great post by Trevin Wax.  The title of it says it all.

Putting Passion, Abilities And Opportunity To Work – Good post by Jeremie Kubicek on this topic.

10 Ways To Show Your Kids You Love Them – Really good post from All Pro Dad.  Sometimes I just need little simplistic reminders of how to show them.  There are some good ideas there.

What are some good finds you can throw my way?

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