Once a week, I share some interesting things I’ve stumbled upon. I lump these various blog posts, books, articles, or videos clips into these posts I call, “Friday Finds.” Here’s this week’s edition. Enjoy.

1. What Joe Biden and Paul Ryan Can Teach Us About Fatherhood

via Russell Moore

“There is no legalistic set of rules for you to follow to prioritize your family. But it is a crucially important question to ask and to keep a close watch on your heart and your priorities. If God has given you children, make sure your ambition is toward them, not away from them. And make sure they know you’d rather be their parent than president- of anything.”

2. 40 Thoughts For My 40th Birthday

via The Gospel Coalition

There are some good nuggets on this list created by Jared C. Wilson. Scroll through it. See what sticks out to you.

3. Here’s What The Most Successful People Read and Why

via Fast Company

“But I’ve noticed a pattern after asking this question hundreds of times over the years: A surprising number of the people I speak to don’t read just anything. They read—even obsess over—biographies and autobiographies.”

4. The One Things My Daughter Remembered Most about My Parenting

via Randy Alcorn

Couldn’t agree more with this post…

“I’ll never forget what she shared because it was so powerful to me. She said, “I remember one time when dad was harsh with me. Then a few minutes later he came back into my room, and he cried and asked my forgiveness. I’ve never forgotten that.”

5. 8 Ways a Vision Statement Adds Value to Any Business

via Entrepreneur

Our team spent months creating a mission statement. It has brought such clarity to our ministry. I think our next step will be a vision statement.

“Contrary to the ‘uselessness’ of a vision statement reported by some, they do serve a purpose: to identify a company’s future optimal state. If you don’t know what ‘right’ looks like, then nothing is wrong.”

6. This is Your Fight Song

My wife loves this song. And how cool could it be done on strings…

via The Piano Guys

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