Every once in a while, I like to post some interesting things I’ve stumbled upon.  I typically lump these various books, articles, or video clips into these posts I call, “Friday Finds.”  Enjoy.

1. I’ve heard great things about a couple of books, so yesterday I ordered them both for my kindle.  They are:  Leadership as an Identity by Crawford Loritts and The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller.  I’ll be starting them over the weekend.

2. Really good power-packed article:  “How Do You Change Organizational Culture?”  I think Michael Hyatt does a great job with this topic.  For all of you pastors or ministry leaders, this is a really good read.

3. A new consultant friend of mine, Mike Bonem, just came out with a new book, “In Pursuit of Great and Godly Leadership.”  You can read a sample chapter of it here.  I really like the topic of the book.  I’ve asked him to guest post on this blog.  I should be posting that in the next couple of weeks.

4. I think Matt Perman is dead on in his short post, “Give People Big Jobs.”  I’ll probably follow this up with a post of mine sometime soon.  Peter Drucker’s advice in it is timeless and spot on.

5. If you want to read the short post, you can, but I agree with the very simple point: “Great Leaders Hold People to High Standards.”

6. I’m assuming everyone knows by now, but in case  you don’t, I announced a couple of weeks ago that I would be leaving my current ministry sometime soon.  I wrote this post explaining why.  I have begun to talk to churches, ministries and non-profits around the country.  I’ll probably post sometime soon to give an update on what is going on in our family, as we are praying about where God has us next.

Ok, ready to lose it?  What does it look like to surprise a teenage girl by telling her you and your wife have decided to adopt her?  Check out this video of a young couple doing just that.  I consider myself a rather manly man, but I have to admit, it was hard to hold back the tears watching this…

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