Here is my latest list of books, apps, articles or videos that I think are worthy of some attention.  Please leave a comment if you know of a good resource of some sort.

If you are a foster parent, check out these cool “lovies” a friend of ours made.  She – a very cool young single mom – starting making these with her son.  She fostered for a while and then was led to adopt her little boy.  Together they make these, and pray over them for all the frightened little kids entering foster care.  

I’ll mail you one of these if you’d like (unless you live overseas).  She sent me a whole box of them to pass out.  Leave a comment below if you’d like one.

Great post on I Want To Be A Disrupter In My Local Church…And So Should You!

Here is a new budgeting software program someone sent me the other day, YouNeedABudget.  I’m good using what I use, but someone else might find it helpful.  I’ve heard others still prefer

Have you seen these apps:

FeeddlerPro is now what I use to read blogs from my phone.  Well worth the $4.99 cost for it. has this great app for ipads.  Since my family is most likely moving in the next months, this has been invaluable.

Lastly, grab a tissue.  I saw this video yesterday entitled, “This Momentary Marriage.”  It is worth 8 minutes of your life.  Enjoy. (HT: Mario)

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