Another version of my Friday Finds shows a few good resources for you.  These books I listed are really good.  Leaders are learners.  So pick some of these up.


Unbroken – A biography about a WWII bomber and Olympic runner, Louis Zamperini.  From the author who wrote Seabiscuit, Laura Hillenbrand, this is a great book that gives perspective because of the severe trials he walks through.  The NY Times wrote this review on it.

The Third Conversion – A novelette that is positioned as a book on fundraising, but it impacted me much deeper.  It made my wife and I talk about how and why we give money.  Have you become just an “automated giver”?  If so, this short book is for you.

Same Kind of Different As Me – Now this is the book I’m about to read. I’m super excited about it.  The website by the same name describes the book – but long story short – it is a book about the least-likely family beginning to live life on mission.

The Grace of God – I’ve been listening to this book while I cut the grass.  Andy Stanley does a good job of just telling the big story of God’s grace throughout all of Scripture.


My friend, Robbie Seay, is coming out with a new album. His band is so good.  Check out this website to pre-order it. Also, he offers some fun prizes if you help support this independently released album.


Buffer – I use the quite regularly now to help share resources via twitter.  I love it.  Super easy.

Photosynth – This is too fun.  Allows you to take good panorama pics on your iphone.

What books should I read, blog should I know about, or app should I use?

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