Some weeks I meet great new people, or find great new resources.  In an effort to share these with anyone who reads this blog, I figured I would start sharing these with you.  Hence the name, “Friday Finds.”

Just a few this week, but some great things you ought to check out:

1) We have been looking for a good family devotional guide to go through regularly.  We finally found one a few weeks ago.  Its called Long Story Short. If you are looking for a book that will give you quick, 5-10 minute creative devotionals, this is for you.

2) Apparently, Aaron Ivey is an incredible worship leader.  He is the worship pastor at The Austin Stone church in Austin, TX.  I met him a few weeks ago.  He and his wife, Jamie, are really genuinely nice people.  I recently saw this video of their adoption story.  It is incredible.

3) I like to read blogs and various news sites on my ipad.  Recently, I found Pulse.  It is an incredible app for the iphone or ipad.  It allows you to get all your blogs, news and magazines in the same place.

4) Just for fun, I’ll tell you my wife’s favorite Pandora channel is Jimmy Needham.  Plus, I’ve interacted with him numerous times over the past few years.  He’s another really genuine, good guy.

If you have any good finds, pass them my way…

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