Summer camp is a powerful place.  I know that first hand.  Over the past few decades, our culture has changed dramatically.  Because of these changes, the impact that a week of camp can have on a child has only increased.

Last week I came across this infographic created by my friends at Christian Camps and Conference Association (CCCA).  It is part of a new initiative appropriately called, “The Power of Camp.”  As part of that new initiative, CCCA will be developing a national marketing campaign to raise awareness about the effectiveness of camp ministry.

I think the top part of this infographic is eye-opening.  As a parent, I am reminded about the need for me to be intentional with all my kids.

Personally, I would change the bottom of the infographic.  Read through it, and I’ll give my 2 cents at the bottom…

CCCA is doing a good job gathering all these facts and putting them in the same place.  As well, they are speaking on behalf of all Christian camps, which makes it difficult to get specific on what makes up each camp’s experience.

In this graphic, they list four components of a camp experience: High adventure, caring role models, beauty of nature and time to think without distractions.  According to the graphic, this leads to the chance to be known and loved.

For Pine Cove, I would take a first shot at what makes up our components and list them this way:

1. A safe place to disconnect, forcing the pressures of the world to diminish their grip on each individual.

2. Super-fun activities, which help provide opportunities to build relationships with campers.

3. Counselors that are passionate about Jesus, who are seeking to be used by God to impact people.

4. The beauty of God’s creation, constantly testifying to the greatness of God.

5. The Word of God, being taught and unpacked to all campers.

As a result, our hope would be transformed people, who leave camp with a more intimate relationship with Jesus.

What do you think is “The Power of Camp?”

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