There is a movie quote that haunts me.  It comes to my mind every so often, even though I haven’t heard it quoted directly in years.  As I think about it, I am reminded how I want to live.

Remember the movie, Runaway Jury?  In it Gene Hackman is making a point about the lowly existence in which most people live.  He makes a simple comment where he says something about the fact that most people go home from work and “let cable TV pour over them.”

That isn’t the exact quote.  If you know it, please let me know.

Point being, how am I using my down time?  Do I sit around, aimlessly existing from one day to another, or am I being intentional with each of my days?

Don’t get me wrong; I really enjoy watching TV.  There is something about that helps me stop my mind from racing between ideas.  It also makes for shared experiences at times with my wife or kids.  I’m talking about watching TV, though, excessively.

I’ve written before how leaders are learners.  Since I was just off for a number of weeks on Sabbatical, I was able to spend some good time learning.  I listened to many podcasts, worked through some training material via DVD’s, read many chapters in the Bible, and also read a few books.

For my own accountability as well as reference, I have started a new 2012 book list, that lists out the books I have read this year, and a few lines of what I think of each of them.

Three of the books on my list this year came from recommendations from others.

What is a book you would recommend?


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