The year, 2012, was mostly a blur for me.  It was roughly a year ago I announced I was leaving the ministry I had worked with for 15 years to pursue that next place God had for me and my family.  After months of praying and talking to many different ministries, I accepted the role of Executive Director of Family Matters.  That was in July.  So much can change in 8 months….

Many of you have followed our path from fostering to adoption of our two little ones.  That process was painfully slow, predictably unpredictable, yet provided us with a season where we were forced to wait months until we could move to Phoenix.  We thought we might be adopting them back in August, but our adoption days didn’t come until November for our daughter and December for our son.

During those months of waiting, I began to sense that what the ministry was looking for in the job of Executive Director was different than what I understood it to be.  So to make a long story short, a while back I let the leadership of Family Matters know I thought it would be best not to move my family to Phoenix and join the staff.  This was a painful decision to make, as I love Tim & Darcy Kimmel, and everything about Family Matters, yet one we felt was best for our family and for that ministry.

I will continue to be a part of the speaker team for Family Matters, helping teach parents and ministries about creating grace based relationships in their homes and organizations, but my family will no longer be moving to Phoenix.

Tim & Darcy Kimmel have been so good to work with through this entire transition.  Many of you don’t know, but Tim is not only an excellent author and speaker, but also enjoys drawing in his free time.  My 7 year old has received many texts on my phone from Tim helping him draw cowboys, firemen, and other random people.  It is quite funny to hear my son ask Tim about why he drew a hat a certain way, or how to shade the side of someone’s face.

One of my main disappointments in not moving to Phoenix is my friendship with Tim Kimmel.  He has become a trusted friend, wise advisor, and sage mentor for me as I seek to be a grace based husband and father.

So where does that leave us?

After talking to many other organizations recently, we are narrowing down our focus and should be deciding within the next week or so exactly where we will be landing.  I’ll be announcing that soon here as well.

One post I look forward to writing soon is about how God has met us during this time of transition, how he provided for us, and how he has led us to the uncomfortable place of learning to trust Him.  It is an unbelievable story.  I’ll be sure to share it to encourage others who are hesitant to trust Him.  Until then…

Following to Lead,


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